After visiting the serpent, visiting Miyu Moodo temple where there are stalwarts was a tremendous impact

It is said that there is a strange snake as a lionody dogMimurotojiI went to Nami after the serpent year. I heard that it is a stubborn and I visited in 2011ChikaraI was thinking about the appearance of a deformed deformed cute snake, but in reality there was a serious snake that was considerably more impact than expected.


MimurotojiThe place here is Kyoto Prefecture Uji City Shuugo Shiga Valley 21.

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I arrived at Keihan Mimurodo Station.

Mie Murotoji is a 15-minute walk to the east from the station. Although buses are out, weather also is nice, so we will walk through the residential area.

When I steadily moved to the inner side of the residential street, I reached the Mie Murotoji temple covered with trees.

Go straight into the inside and find a long stone stairway as you go straight.

In the side of the stairs is big letters of "Mimukuro" with hiragana.

And in front of the stairs is "Odorama". That's why I will go up the stairs stairs to stay nice.

As I climbed up a long stone stairway, the state of the stairs was gradually visible.

...... And, as soon as I climbed the stairs, I greeted you as a lone guardianMr. Ugami. The head is an old man, the body is a snake, and it is on a lotus.

It is overwhelming presence.

Mr. Ugami bathed in the sunlight.

Back to the main hall.

The back is like this. The origin of Ugami-sama being servedYamashidoro folk talesIt is in

When passing by the front of Ugami-sama, the temple spreads like this. Mie Murotoji Temple is a temple built 1,200 years ago, with Senju Kannon Bodhisattva as Honjon. The current main hall was built 180 years ago.

A heavy main hall.

In front of the main hall the statue of Baogu cattle is sitting like a lion dog, and it is said that winning sticks when stroking the stone balls in the mouth.

When looking into the mouth surely there was a bead.

Mie Murotoji is said to have rims in rabbits, and Kakida is settled on the other side. Kakida has a huge rabbit with a height of 150 cm and a width of 90 cm hugging a large ball of 60 cm in width. There is also an egg-shaped stone in the ball, which means that wishes will be able to pass if you set it up.

Although I could not visit the shrine because it was a day off, usually there is a money box at the back of the door. After January 1st you can visit us normally.

Unfortunately the amulet was also closed.

In addition to the Mamurodoji original amulet at this Amulet Office, other amulets of snake shapes such as Ugami-sama AmuletIt is soldAnd that. The Ugami-sama amulet of the photo is 600 yen.

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