I went to Kyoto · Okazaki Shrine (Rabbit Shrine) which is perfect for the New Year's visit this year because "Kaba Rabbit (Koma Usagi)" and "Invitation Hare"

Koma is a secret lionesse "Kousakado (Koma Usagi)" is settled, and furthermore everything is covered with rabbits in Kyoto anyway, such as "Invitation Hare" and "Rabbit Omikuji"Okazaki Shrine. If you go for a New Year's visit, a shrine different from ordinary is good! It is recommended for those who say.

That's why the photo report on what kind of shrine Okazaki Shrine is like from the following.
Okazaki ShrineThe place is here, Okazaki Higashi-Teno-cho 51, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi.

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That's why I arrived at Okazaki Shrine in Kyoto, covered with snow

Lanterns as well as rabbits

It is said that rabbits are reportedly used as gods of the gods since ancient times, praying for pray as a god of child giving because rabbits are prolific.

So to the precincts

From here on worship

Great snow

Kyoto is snowing piled up and ridiculously

I thought that a guardian dog is on the left and right, something before that ... ...

This is "Kousakaba (Koma Usagi)"

It is certainly a rabbit

Even if you look from anywhere rabbit

Coupled with the underlying snow, it has an atmosphere like snow rabbits.

So the right rabbit has a mouth a little open.

Normally, the image on the right side is a mouth opened with "Aki" and the image on the left side is closed with a "吽 shape", but it is the same as that It is.

As expected.

Sexy behind the scenes is also unexpected

It is strangely well done.

People coming up taking pictures of the bunny rabbits, but it's worth it


And I found something

"Kim Lucky Rabbit"

On the right are "marriage invitation rabbits"

Dongdon snow will become intense while saying.

Such a lion dog is like this ...

The stone guardian here is also hidden from snow

, And even once again discovered rabbit lanterns

A lot of ema also. However, this is different from ordinary ema.

"Be healthy, adorable like a rabbit, to be born cheerfully"

"Thanks to you for giving us a kid Thank you. I feel like I gave you earlier than I thought thanks to you thank you. Thank you so much, I wish you a safe delivery, thank you again."

"May a cheerful baby be present between two of you. Cute little bunny will come."

There is a rabbit next to it

Here is "a murderer"


Black light

It's pretty big

In the end souvenirs.

One rabbit five hundred rabbit Omikuji. Omikuji is contained in the rabbit, and rabbits of the item can be taken home, so it feels somewhat advantageous.

Afterwards excellent is "Leap Forward (Piyon Mamori)". It seems that it is a lucky charm flying up to the right.

There are many other things

A lot of rabbit related items

The ema also has various designs. There are strangely many kinds.

Snow continues to fall while you are doing it, and if you do not snow this way it will snow on the visitors.

By the way, I wonder how much snow in Kyoto was, it was like this.

Because your feet are outrageous, heavy equipment is better when you go, definitely.

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