While chatting face-to-face, I tried playing with Google's "Cube Slam" which can play "PONG" like games

Using WebRTC and WebGL technology, while chatting face-to-face, video gamePONG (Pong)Google made it possible to play games like "Cube Slam"is. Originally it is a game to enjoy while communicating with the opponent, but it seemed to be good when I had time to lose, so I enjoyed playing with Bobo.

Cube Slam

On Google ChromeCube SlamThe following page will appear when you visit the website of, so to chat face-to-face with friends, click "Fight with friends".

Tell your friends about the displayed URL by e-mail ... ....

When the other party accesses Cube Slam, it changes to such a screen. Click the "Fight against friends" button.

Since you are asked for access to the camera and microphone, click "Permit".

Wait for the other party to authorize the camera.

When the other party permits access to the camera, the screen changes again, so click the green button "OK (SPACE key)" or hit the space key.

Because the communication partner is displayed on the wall behind you, you can raise with your opponent while playing the game while operating the arrow keys.

When winning the game the wall collapsed and ended like this. I will move on to the next stage.

As mentioned above, although it is Cube Slam which is a game "face to face while chatting" game, there are also modes where Bear Bears opponent for Bobo. I played there this time because it is dubious.

While chatting face-to-face, I played "Cube Slam" which can play "PONG" like game - I tried playing with You - YouTube

The game started.

Bouncing the block ......

First of all I break the guard behind the stick.

I hit my block against the card on the left side, the length of my stick increased. I will play with the guard strength up ... ....

victory. Bear's Bob has a feeling of being happy when the player loses points, so even if you are playing with Bobo, you have a sense of accomplishment when you win.

Cube Slam is one of Chrome Experiments, made as a demonstration of WebRTC, Web Audio and WebGL. It is also released as a Chrome extension.

Cube Slam - Chrome Web Store

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