If you put four circles ahead as in the fifth grid, winning "c4" is a little arranging a plus deep into the game

You can arrange black and white stones on a board for Go, even if it is 45 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions, the board game that you win by putting five stones of the same color first,Fifth grin"is. A game that arranged such a fifth grid a little "C4So, the number of circles that need to be ordered more than the fifth grid is few, but since the red and blue circles used by players and AI will be placed as stacked from the bottom on the board, they are similar to the fifth grade As it seems to be different, it has become a different tasteful game, and AI also pretty much comes up with an exquisite hand, so it has become a game that forget to keep in touch with time.

C4 - Connect Four, with AI

"C4" is a very easy-to-understand rule game that you win by arranging four circles.

The player can just click on the column where you want to place a circle.

When clicked, a red circle is placed at the bottom of the column. The player wins if you arrange four red circles vertically, horizontally, and diagonally 45 degrees in any direction.

When the player places a red circle, AI will immediately place a blue circle.

If you click on the column where the red circle or the blue circle is placed, the new circle will be placed on top of the circle on which it is already stacked. This "characteristic of c4" is that "the circles accumulate".

After that, if you put four red circles before AI it will win ... ...

Because I was not used to the stacking method at the beginning, I lost easily.

It is like this when I actually play. As AI puts a circle immediately, it may be settled in about 15 seconds as soon as possible.

Game that arranges circles 4 times ahead like in the fifth line "c4" - YouTube

AI is quite a tough opponent, but of course it is also possible to win.

Even human beings can easily play with paper and pencils, so it may be fun to play with friends and colleagues for a while to kill.

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