I tried using the Chrome extension "Google Tone" that communicates using "sound" and sharing pages between PCs

A Chrome extension that communicates with a nearby PC using the sound "Pippupapipopo" and can share the URL of the website being browsedGoogle ToneGoogle has released. How does it work? I was worried, so I actually tried using it.

Google Tone - Chrome Web Store

Research Blog: Tone: An experimental Chrome extension for instant sharing over audio

You can check how the URL is shared between PCs by actually using the following movie.

Extension to communicate using sound "Google Tone" - YouTube

First of all, open the "Google Tone" page of the Chrome Web Store from the above URL and click the blue button "Add to CHROME" at the top right of the screen.

Click "Add" ... ....

The screen "Try Google Tone now!" Appears. A blue speaker icon will be added next to the address bar, so clicking will cause a sound like "Pipo Papipopo" to flow.

That means "Google Tone worked!" Successfully completed the installation. Please note that Google ToneLog in to your Google Account and the person you communicate with also works with Google Tone installedSo be careful.

If you want to share a website with people nearby, click the icon next to the address bar ......

A pop-up is displayed at the bottom of the screen of the other PC.

Click on the "Click to open" Google "from www.google.co.jp" ......

You can easily share the same page without e-mailing the URL.

If you try to communicate, the icon beside the address bar gets red and you may see "Tone could not hear itself" at the bottom right of the screen.

"Please check the volume and try again," but if you can not solve it even by raising the speaker volume click on the notification.

Let's make adjustments such as turning on the microphone setting of the PC, maximizing the volume, etc. because it is thought that the reason such as connecting the headphones and the PC, the microphone is off, etc. . Still when it is not good, red notification will disappear and you can communicate if you reboot the PC.

According to Google's research team, we communicate using sound, so there are cases where PCs are separated from each other or communication is not possible if they are separated from each other. Moreover, it seems that communication does not necessarily succeed each time even in the neighboring PCs, so that humans do not necessarily hear others' words without saying one word at a time. However, if you can not communicate, you can just click the icon again, so you can save a lot of URL sharing and much more.

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