BOSE is looking for talent to start music streaming distribution service

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BOSE is Indian AmericanAmar · G · BoseIt is a high-end audio brand that boasts the top market share in the United States and Europe at manufacturers that sell audio equipments established by Dr.. Until now, BOSE, which was primarily involved in development and sales, was founded in the US recruitment siteZiprecruiterWe are recruiting talented people for music distribution, and it seems that we are beginning to move steadily towards the start of service.

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BOSE is looking for "Human Resources to Design the Next Generation Streaming Music Platform" with recruitment advertisements, and the ideal talent is a person working at "Apple's Beats Music · Pandora · Spotify · Google Plain". In addition, BOSE declares that it will become an information company in recruitment advertisement, it seems that you want to build distribution system as soon as possible and want to enter distribution business as soon as possible.

However, the later BOSE in music streaming delivery does not acquire the platform that was originally completed, but many negative opinions are given to the method of building a system from the beginning and increasing the number of members. Although it is a relatively simple part of building a site design and system when starting music distribution on its own, negotiate with record companies and artists to gather music content, and present unique consumer-friendly system to consumers It is not easy.

Even Apple, which had been successful at "iTunes", was late for entering the streaming distribution business, so there are cases in which it began business by acquiring Beats Music without launching its own platform. Certainly, there seems to be room for market development for high-quality high-res distribution etc. It is unknown how much later BOSE can succeed in business that membership is things.


On the other hand, BOSE is the world's second largest music streaming company in Spotify's rival in October 2014Partnership with DeezerAnd Deezer has already been on sale in February 2014Bose SoundTouchTo provide streaming playback services. Deezer can not deny the possibility of entering a streaming distribution business by not only tie-up with Deezer but also a stronger tag, but also with Samsung, Deezer is competing with the mobile industry to compete for membership number There is also possibility.


Currently recruitment for recruitment has already been closed and BOSE has not officially commented on entering the music distribution business, but there are some big movements in the music streaming industry if announcing entry.

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