Sony Pictures found out that the main media required destruction of spill data

A cyber attack can be made to a group of hackers who calls "Guardians of Peace (GOP)",Film cast actress personal information releasedIt is done with file sharing softwareUndisclosed movies leakedDo itEmployees are threatenedWe asked lawyers to immediately abandon the leakage information obtained by major lawyers about the hacking riot of Sony Pictures Entertainment that developed to an extraordinary situation, and if we do not comply with the request, we must also resign legal action I made a notice.

Sony Threatens Everyone Reporting on Their Data Leak

Sony hack: Hollywood producer jokes about Obama's race in leaked emails - Telegraph

Sony hackers promise 'Christmas gift' of leaked data, offer to redact Sony staff members' data | The Verge

David Boys, a lawyer at Sony Pictures,New York Times,Gawker,Re / code,The Verge, That Sony Pictures does not allow Sony Pictures to possess information leaked by the cyber attack this time and that it sends a warning letter requesting that all information currently possessed be destroyed immediately Was revealed.

In this warning sentence, "Sony Pictures (SPE) is a company that sells, distributes, distributes, publishes, publishes, uploads / downloads, etc. about your spill information held by your company, I do not agree to use it regardless of its form, so please cooperate to destroy stolen spill information. "

In addition, "If you do not comply with this written request, Sony Pictures will be obliged to ask you for legal liability, and Sony Pictures and its stakeholders' intellectual property rights You can bear the legal liability to compensate for any losses such as infringement and disclosure of confidential information in negotiation without limit.

In a series of data leakage outings, Sony Pictures' co-head Amy Pascal told movie producer Scott Ruden, "President Obama"Django not connectedShould I ask if I like it? (Note: this movie has been sent a message saying that the theme is slave revenge and the meaning to make fun of President Obama being an African American) has been sent, "Mr. Pascal said" We will apologize to all people who harmed. "The scandal caused by spill information is continuing, for example.

In a story is a shocking content satirical parody movie "assassinate Kim Jong-I First Secretary"The InterviewIt is the fundamental cause of cyber attacks that Sony Pictures distributes "Is not the North Korean authority the mastermind of cyber attacks?"As the Interview's publication date, December 25, 2014, approaches, we are wary of new data leakage as it happens to be whispered.

Already for Sony Pictures employees, "Please acknowledge Sony Pictures' bad behavior, otherwise you will have damage to you and your family"A threatening email has been sent from GOPIt is clear that GOP declares that Sony Pictures' employee's privacy information will be released as "Christmas gift" on December 25th. Even if it is fulfilled by destroying the information leaked to the major media, it will not be a fundamental solution unless the existence of the GOP is confirmed and the damage caused by Sony Pictures' data leak is calm It is unlikely to be converted.

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