Sony Pictures is hacked, the whole system goes down, even threatening

Local time November 24, 2014, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation "Sony Pictures EntertainmentI was in a state of paralysis that the system was brought down by a hacker's hand and I could not send e-mail, and furthermore I was found intimidated by a hacker through the PC screen.

All of Sony got hacked, apparently. [# GOP] [xpost / r / hacking]: Cyberpunk

Sony Pictures Hacked By # GOP - What Is It And What Does It Me?

Sony Paralyzed By Computer Hacker Attack | Deadline

According to reddit's posting, the whole system of Sony Pictures entertainment in New York is inoperable by hacking, the threat sentence from a hacker written "Hacked by # GOP" is displayed on the PC display It is said that.

Its contents are as follows.

Hacked by # GOP

We 've already warned you, and this is just beginning.
"We have warned so far, this is still the beginning."
We continue till our request be met.
"We will continue hacking until the requirements are met"
We've obtained all your internal data including your secrets and top secrets.
"We are acquiring internal data including your confidentiality and top secret"
If you do not obey us, we'll release data shown below to the world.
"If you do not obey us, disclose the data shown below to the whole world"
Determine what will you do till November the 24th, 11:00 PM (GMT)
"23 o'clock on November 24 (GMTLet's judge how to do it. "

Although it is a threatening message to the hostage as a ZIP file concerning confidential matters, the specific request is not written. According to Sony's internal information "The company's system is completely down and paralyzed." The specified date and time has already passed, but the system down is still continuing writing articles for two days.

Sony Pictures spokeswoman commented that "investigation by IT experts is proceeding", but it seems that we do not know what the solution or '# GOP' is. Although it is said that the PC of the Los Angeles branch office is shut down in order to prevent the damage expansion, the hacking damage is also caused by Sony Pictures 'artist Stomp The Yard' s account "@StompTheYardDVDAnd ...

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Also a movieStarship Troopersof"@StarTroopMovieIn addition to the image "Hacked By # GOP" in Twitter account such as Sony Entertainment CEOMichael LyntonComments that slander Mr. are tweeted. Since tweets have been deleted from all accounts, access by Sony may be reviving.

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