Schwarzenegger dances in the sky and becomes a missile and releases "I'll be back" "Terminator: New start / genisis" trailer release

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to be appearing for the first time in 12 years "Terminator: New start / genisis"The latest trailer of the song was released. The new terminator has become a reboot work, and as long as you see the trailer it has become quite different content from the original.

Terminator Genisys Movie - Official Trailer - YouTube

The devastated world.

The collected humanity insurgent army.

It was John Conner, acted by Jason Clark, who started the speech saying "Look around everyone's face."

"You will know how miserable this war is"

The endless invisible war.

The earth has turned into a battlefield.

The rebel army to escape.

The plane crashes in front of you.

What Kyle Lease played by Jay Courtney looks up is ......

The figure of a huge robot.

Android to shoot a gun.

Missiles are flying all over the earth.

"If we die today, mankind will be destroyed with us"

A facility like a freezing room where many people or androids are hanging.

"The robots sent one android in the era before the war began in order to kill my mother"

"My mother's name is Sarah Connor."

"I will help Sarah"

Two people exchanging handshakes with patience.

Kyle is sent in the time machine and before the war starts.

The world before the war began.

It is a sight that is far from Kyle's world.

Kyle running in the shop of a clothing shop.

A policeman that Lee Byung Hun plays appears.

One track rushed into there.

I will blow off the policeman.

Sarah Connor who was driving the truck screams "Take it quickly!"

Kyle surprised by sudden events.

A policeman who was supposed to be splashed on the truck got up and transformed his hand. The policeman was an Android just like the T - 1000 that appeared in Terminator 2.

Sarah shoots a gun at the T - 1000 ... ...

There is no effect on T - 1000 at all.

"I know that Android has sent a terminator to kill me."

Kyle who does not know anything is shocked.

The identity of a man wearing a hood ... ...

T-800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. T - 800 speaks to someone "I've been waiting forever."

It was T - 800 on a young age for the moment.

The T - 800 will fire towards someone.

T-1000 break the window.

Sarah is intercepted. It is almost definite that the T - 1000 came to kill Sarah.

Bullets do not apply to the T - 1000.

T - 1000 that attacks by deforming his arm like a gang.

"Everything has changed"

Who is protecting Sarah on a young age ...?

T-800 staring on your right hand.

T-1000 that appears from the assimilated police car hood.

I jump and try to jump to the track.

"We can prevent it before the war breaks out"

"Run away !!"

Can we stop the war ...?

The fight with android.

The bus that Sara and Kyle is on are blown away.

Sarah and Kyle are helping one ... ....

T-800 of gray hair tells Sarah "I'll be back" again.

When Sarah says "What does it mean?" ...

T - 800 jumps from a helicopter.

Continue like a missile as it is ......

Direct hit from the head.

Large explosion.

"Terminator: New start / genisis" is "T-800 who came from the future to protect Sarah, raises Sara for his father"Become a storyIt is revealed by Mr. David Ellison who is in charge of the production of the same work, reboot work of a different content from the original that T - 800 came to kill Sarah, T - 800 sees the trailer that it gets older Even the mystery is deepening. "Terminator: New start / Genesis" will be released in Japan in July 2015.

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"Terminator: New launch / Genisis" latest trailer - the story of shock wrapped in mystery will be gradually revealed - GIGAZINE

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