"Google Chrome 40 Beta" that supports Service Worker to enhance offline service will be released


A beta version of Google Chrome 40 "40.0.2214.28" has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. In Chrome 40,Service Worker"Utilizing cash by introduction and improving offline operation are the main features.

Chromium Blog: Chrome 40 Beta: Powerful Offline and Lightspeed Loading with Service Workers

Chrome Releases: Beta Channel Update

The Service Worker is an API that functions as a proxy server between web applications and browsers and networks, allowing the user to collect resources (caches) of a specific web page all at once and obtain the cache of the updated part from the next time on . In other words, it is not the point that we will not collect new caches at the time of accessing the site. Since the acquired cache can be used, browser operation such as image display becomes faster, but it can be expected to be used in offline state. For Service WorkerThis pageIt is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

This movie can understand the power of Service Worker well. The merit is clear when looking at the comparison of image display speed on smartphones.

Performance impact of ServiceWorker - YouTube

In addition to the Service Worker function, in Chrome 40,
· Support for Content Security Policy (CSP) Level 2
· Text drawing engine on MacHarfBuzzResponse to
· To change the toolbar color in LollipopThe meta tag of theme-colorCorrespond
· Addition of Profile Lock function with child lock function
· Added new tab page suggestion function that varies from day to day
· Adoption of new UI at crash
Etc. have been improved.

Currently only beta version of Chrome 40 is released, the official version coming soon. Beta version can be downloaded on the following page.

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