Terminator 2 legitimate sequel 'Terminator: New Fate' latest trailer released

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Terminator is a creator of' series James Cameron takes the supreme command again, ' Terminator 1 and Terminator 2 in the sequel, Terminator 3 and Terminator 4 , and Terminator: The new start / Genesis another timeline and' it is A new trailer of “ Terminator: New Fatewas announced . This trailer is a story centered on Dani Ramos, the terminator's eradication target, including Sarah Conner played by Linda Hamilton for the first time in 28 years and the action scene of T-800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger You can check it.

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) – La Misión de Dani Extended Look-Paramount Pictures-YouTube

Dani Ramos (act: Natalie Leves ) is a girl who lives a normal life

Tani lives with one dog ...


And brother Miguel Ramos (act:

Diego Boneta ). The stage of the story has not been revealed, but the family is singing Spanish like Mexican

“I will be late,” Dani kissed his father's cheek and went to work with Miguel.

A mysterious sphere appears in the courtyard of the apartment where the Ramos family lives.

A naked man from a sphere ...


The new terminator called Rev-9 (act:

Gabriel Luna ) came down

The dressed Rev-9 appears at the entrance to the Ramos family. I will say to the father of Dani who responded, 'Where is Daniela Ramos?'

A sudden father

Tick and Miguel working at an automobile factory called ARIUS MOTORS

What appeared there was Dani's father wearing a helmet and work clothes. The eyes are serious.

Tick approaching his father while hesitating

The hand of the father approaching the tick deforms and a gun appears.

Just aim at the tick.

However, suddenly someone punches his father's head.

Grace (acted by

Mackenzie Davis ) shot his father with a shotgun

What was exposed from the inside of the father's head and chest, shot many times with a shotgun, was something metallic, not a human internal organ. It was Rev-9 that had turned into a father instead of Tani's father.

Grace tells a confused tick, 'This is not your father. If you don't follow me, you'll die within 30 seconds.'

Rev-9 repaired the wounds that would have been in the beehive and returned to the original face instead of the father's face.

Rev-9 crushes the wall with a truck ...

Track ticks while kicking the car.

At the end of the car chase, Rev-9 ticked down Dani and Grace on the highway

What appeared there ...

Sarah Conner with Fostech Origin-12 (Performance: Linda Hamilton)

Sara punched Rev-9 with Fostech Origin-12 and then exploded with

M72 LAW .

But Rev-9 does n’t die. There is also a scene that follows a tick that runs away while slashing the guards.

Sarah visited to compete against Rev-9 ...

T-800 during retirement (act: Arnold Schwarzenegger)

'Let's help you to change the future'

Mites being besieged

Sara holding

Serbu Super Shorty


fighting with Beretta ARX-160 with grenade launcher

Grace attacking with a rebar

There is also a scene where Grace and Rev-9 fight fiercely in the factory.

'Why don't you give her?'

“That ’s because we ’re not a“ machine ”, this fucking guy”

“Terminator: New Fate” will be released in Japan on Friday, November 8, 2019. You can check the theaters scheduled to be shown on the official website .

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