Movie review using Adobe's digital pen & ruler "Ink & Slide"

Adobe launched on October 17Digital pen & ruler for iPad "Adobe Ink & Slide"I asked people who are doing the actual drawing work to see what kind of comfort they are, and have them take a picture of the work scenes with a movie.

Tablet pen & amp; digital ruler | Adobe Ink & Slide

◆ Twisted triangle shape of "Ink"
Even in the last article, Ink's shape that "All the pens should be in this shape" is a structure in which the cross section of the triangle is twisted at an angle of about 60 degrees toward the end of the pen.

Therefore, when you hold it in hand, it "naturally" fits into your fingers naturally.

And twist naturally along the line of index finger naturally fit Ink as close as possible to the hand, making it a less stressful grip feeling.

Ink's weight is 20 grams. Sometimes I feel a little weight as a pen, and may be affected by the brush for those I care. However, this seems to be said to be a level where you can fully deal with it if you get used to it.

◆ I tried drawing lines variously using "Slide"
The characteristic of "Ink & Slide" is the presence of Slide of multifunctional "digital ruler". Just by placing it on the tablet, you can check the way the line can be drawn perfectly with the following movie.

Place Slide and trace the guide line displayed on the screen, you can write a beautiful straight line. If you want to return to original, you can undo by swiping the screen to the left with two fingers. When you press the Slide button, the shape of the guideline changes to "straight line" → "circle" → "square" → "triangle". Pinch in / out with your fingers, you can adjust the size, so it is possible to draw crisp and figures according to the position and size you want to draw.

I pulled a line with a digital ruler of "Adobe Ink & Slide", I drew circles and squares

Also, Slide can use many templates. You can draw any curve "Cloud-shaped rulerIn addition to "Stamp Pack", you can draw the shape of various animals and objects such as "tree", "people", "dog" and so on just by following the guidelines. Just double-tapping Ink on the guideline makes it possible to draw a picture with a single shot is also a useful function.

I tried to draw a figure with a cloud-shaped ruler or a template of "Adobe Ink & Slide"

Furthermore, by tapping the grid icon in the lower right corner of the screen, it is also possible to display guidelines for 2 point perspective and isometric / anisometric projection. Of course, you can use a Slide to pinch the straight line heading for the vanishing point, so it was possible to draw accurate shapes comfortably.

I tried using the 2 point Perspective Guideline of "Adobe Ink & Slide"

◆ It is possible to draw a handwritten illustration
It is possible to draw not only accurate drawings, but also Ink as a pen tab.Windows Update·Firefox·ChromeI am in charge of top images such as articlesMeraI asked Mr. Ink to draw the picture.

Where I draw illustrations in "Adobe Ink & Slide"

And here is the illustration of the completed Firefox. This time it was in a state before putting colors on account of time, but of course it is also possible to take it to a colorful state.

There are many more ways of using movies in Adobe's site, and various things that Ink & Slide can do are introduced.

Start with today Ink & Slide | Adobe Ink & Slide Tutorial

◆ secret behind the package
Suddenly, I noticed that some ingenuity was included in the package.

The dish on which Ink and Slide came is designed to be inclined obliquely forward in this way.

Such a state as seen from the side. At first I thought that it was just a design accent ... ...

This makes Slide and Ink easy to take out. While devising casually, it was a part that felt superb design with convenience and design compatible.

In this way, Adobe's first hardware "Ink & Slide"It was a dish with a lot of enthusiasm. Ink & Slide can be purchased at a major retailer, which was sold at around 20,000 yen on Amazon. Adobe Ink & Slide: Software

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