Facebook corresponds to the Kansai dialect, "Like" is "Yeahan!"

Today, on October 8, 2014, "Kansai dialect" was announced as a new language that can be used on Facebook. The way to use Kansai dialect version of Facebook is as follows.

First, click 'Settings' in the column at the top right of the Facebook page.

If you select "Japanese (Kansai)" in "Language" → "Main language (current language)" in "General account settings", click "Save changes" OK.

Then, "Like" is "Ee Yan!", "What happened recently?" Changed to "recently?", "Share" changed to "Wow". Certainly ...

According to the publicity of Facebook, "Facebook has traditionally been called" English (Upside Down) "(English upside down version) or" English (Pirate) "(English [Pirate version]) or the like , I am adding a very interesting language, which means that even in this [Japanese (Kansai)] version, I will appreciate Facebook who feels hooky, so please do not do it one after all.

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