"TypeWonder" service that displays arbitrary sites in designated web font

Fonts are one of the major factors affecting the image of the website. TypeWonder is a service that allows you to display what kind of font is good on the design, when you enter the URL of an arbitrary site, you can display it with the specified Web font. With this, you can easily check what kind of font you should change your site in the future, and you can also check what kind of impression the popular site is if it is a different font.

TypeWonder - Beta

The usage method is very simple, just enter the URL of the site you want to change the font in the blank space on TypeWonder.com screen and click "Go!". I immediately changed the font of various sites.

◆ Amazon.com
Let's change the font of Amazon.com which is the world's largest mail order site first. In the text box "http://www.amazon.com/"And click" Go! ".

The screen for selecting the font will be displayed. This time I decided to try "Josefin Slab". After choosing the font, click "Use!" In the lower right and wait for a while, the font of the site changes.

It was something like Amazon.com before change ....

It changed like this.

If you pay attention to the character part, you can see that the atmosphere has changed. Here is a before.


◆ Washington Post
The other day,Amazon was acquired by CEO Jeff BezosI will change the font of Washington Post. In the text box "http://www.washingtonpost.com/"And click" Go! ".

Select the font "UnifrakturMaguntia" whose atmosphere is similar to the Washington Post logo on the font selection screen and click "Use!".

Washington Post before change. This is……

It changed like this.


After. I can not stop feeling too much.

◆ White House
Subsequently, the President of the United States of America, the official residenceWhite HouseLet's change the site of. In the text box "http://www.whitehouse.gov/"And click" Go! ".

On the font selection screen, select the characteristic font "Warnes" and click "Use!".

The White House before the change. This is……

It changed like this.


After. It seems like a site in the Middle East where something seems not to be American.

◆ Yahoo! JAPAN
Lastly Yahoo! which is Japan's leading portal site I will try it in JAPAN. In the text box "http://www.yahoo.co.jp/"And click" Go! ".

Select the font "Zeyada" and click "Use!".

It is before change ......

When you change it like this. Because the Japanese part has not changed, it looks almost the same, but when you look closely it has changed parts of numbers and English.

This service is still a beta version, and the site itself is also a funny movie of a cat instead of using it although it clicks "How to?". When I become an official version, I'd like to request Japanese fonts as well.

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