Google settlement service "Google Checkout", preparing national language version

Google's settlement service which does not expose e-mail address and does not convey your personal information, you can easily shop online online "Google CheckoutApparently, it seems that preparations for full-scale correspondence to countries other than the United States began to be prepared, and languages ​​from around the world are added one after another to the contract.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no strong payment service like overseas PayPal on the net in Japan, so it is not an exaggeration to say that rival is absent in Japan, so the possibility to service in next to America is great It seems that there is a high possibility that the service will be deployed as soon as the partnership with several partner companies in Japan is completed in Japan.

In short, by collaborating with "Google Page Creator", "Google Base" and "Google AdWords", it is easy to make an online shopping site cheaply even at the individual business owner level.

Details are as follows.
Google Checkout opens up to other countries | Googling Google |

This is the basis of the Google Checkout Terms page on which it is based.

Accept payments through Google - Terms of Service

Japan is already available as a buyer on November 29, 2006, and then it is waiting for the seller to be able to use it properly. Looking closely, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been added on the date of December 7, and it is gradually expanding.

In the end what is going to be extended up to, which is a tip of Google Checkout's help.

Google Checkout Buyer Help Center - Google Checkout is available to buyers with billing addresses in ...

How far it is spreading in the US at this stage is spreading quite rapidly. The next page lists the companies and shops that Google Checkout has supported. If it is famous in Japan, is Toys' R Us and Starbucks?

Sample a few places to shop

Besides these, it is used for trading at the mountain level of individuals. However, as it is not as popular as PayPal, it is inevitable to focus on countries that do not have services such as PayPal.

So, next we will talk about "Google Checkout".

What is unknown Google's payment service "Google Checkout"?

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