Twitter launches 'Tips', a money-throwing function, worldwide, and also supports Bitcoin

Twitter's 'Tip Jar' , which has been test-implemented since May 2021, will be provided to all users under the name ' Tips'. Multiple payment services are available for 'throwing money', and you can also use the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Bringing Tips to everyone

To enable 'Tips', tap 'Edit Profile' for iOS.

There is an additional menu called 'Tips' at the bottom of the account setting field, so tap it.

Tap 'Got it'.

It can be used by turning on the toggle switch.

Platform that can be used for the remittance in the 'Tip Jar' is ' Bandcamp ,' ' Cash App ', ' Chipper ', ' Patreon ,' ' Razorpay ' ' Wealthsimple Cash ,' ' Venmo It was', 'Tips' as a further ' GoFundMe ,' ' PicPay ' also I joined.

In the United States (excluding New York and Hawaii) and El Salvador, you can use 'Strike ' to send Bitcoins.

The condition for using the 'Tips' function is that the user is 18 years old or older. It will be available for iOS first, and is expected to be available for Android in the coming weeks.

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