Twitter announces that it will fix 'the problem that tweets in the middle of reading disappear by updating the timeline'

If the timeline is updated while you are reading a tweet on Twitter, the tweet you were reading may suddenly disappear. The official Twitter support account (@TwitterSupport) has announced that it will address this issue that has plagued many users.

Twitter says it will fix disappearing tweets issue --The Verge

Twitter plans to solve auto-refresh issue after irritated users complain

Twitter's official support account said, 'Let's talk about the fact that when the timeline is automatically updated, the tweet you're reading disappears. We know it's a frustrating experience. We're working on a change. In the next two months, we'll update the way tweets are displayed so they don't disappear, 'posted September 23, 2021.

The phenomenon that the tweet you are reading disappears occurs when the account you are following sends a reply to the tweet or the poster adds the tweet as a thread. The tweet is displayed at the top of the timeline with new tweets added, but it's inconvenient that the tweet disappears while you're reading. Also, if replies are frequently skipped or threads are added, the original tweet that was being read can no longer be read from the timeline due to the mechanism of Twitter that 'the same tweet is not displayed on the timeline many times'. There is also.

Foreign media The Verge said, 'It's unclear what changes Twitter plans to make, but for those affected by the tweet disappearance issue, this fix could be welcome. There is sex. '

In recent years, Twitter has announced various new features such as'Super Follow ', a monetization tool, and 'Community ' to communicate with users who have the same interests. On the other hand, we are also steadily testing detailed functions such as 'a function that allows you to directly delete followers without blocking them ' and 'a function that allows you to remove mentions of yourself from other people's tweets'.

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