A free application "Google News & Weather Information" that can collect 65,000 news and weather collectively

By gathering news from news sites around the world, you can get various latest informationGoogle newsAnd weather information in one application "Google News & Weather Information"is. Since the iOS version of this application started distribution from October 8th, I tried using it immediately.

Google News & Weather Information for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The applicationApp StoreInstallable for free from.

Tap "Open" when installation is completed.

Then the application starts. When you start up for the first time, this kind of tutorial is displayed. Tap the icon in the lower right of the screen or swipe the screen from the right to the left to read through the tutorial.

In the application, you can add favorite topics and places freely.

Local location information can be used to display local news and weather information near the current location.

So I will use it at once. "Google News & Weather Information" is available as a "guest" even if you are not logged in to your Google Account, but this time sign in with your Google Account.

I asked about the use of location information here, but I tapped the "Do not approve" reflexively. If you do not allow it, the location information of the device will not be used, so we will not automatically get the weather information of the current location. However, if you manually enter an address or place name, weather information in the vicinity can be displayed.

That is why this is the top screen of "Google News & Weather Information". When launching, "Google headline (headline)" of Google News is displayed, and when it is set for the first time, "Top News" "Society" "International" "Business" "Politics" "Entertainment" "Sports" "Technology The topic titled "Pickup" is displayed as a slurry.

Tap the icon at the end of the news ... ...

You can read the summary of news like this. If you want to know more, tap this.

Then, it jumps to the source site of the news. If you want to go back to "Google News & Weather Information", you can tap the icon in the upper left of the screen.

Also, when you tap the arrow icon at the top of the news outline ......

You can share news in various ways, such as message · mail · Twitter · Facebook · Evernote.

Tap the icon on the upper left of the screen.

Then a menu appears on the left side of the screen. Topics of news such as "headline" "society" "international" "business" "politics" "entertainment" "sports" "technology" "pickup" topics are displayed, and when tapping ...

I jump to the news screen of each topic.

You can also move between topics by simply swiping the screen left or right.

I tried using "Google News & Weather Information" - YouTube

News topics can be added and deleted by yourself. If "this topic is a bit ... ..." tap "Add / Remove Section ...".

The section management screen will be displayed. Tap the "-" icon ......

It is possible to hide topics.

You can also change the order of topics by tapping the three-line icon on the top right corner of the topic and dragging.

In addition, if you are unsatisfactory with topics added from the beginning, tap the "+" icon in the upper left of the screen.

Then the items "Add topic ..." and "Add place ..." are displayed. You can add a new topic by tapping "Add topic ...".

Just type in keywords and phrases about topics of interest on this screen and OK.

Tap "Done" when input is completed.

Then a new topic titled "gigazine" was added to the "Manage sections" screen, so tap "Finish".

With this, it is successful to create a screen that can display only the news of GIGAZINE in 'Google News & Weather Information'.

You can also add topics from the "+" icon that appears at the top of the screen displaying each topic.

So I will try "Add place ..." this time.

"Add place" will display weather information and local news at the designated place.

Type "Tokyo" and tap "Done".

Then, weather information and local news in Tokyo were displayed on the topic ... ... but it was done, but somehow suddenly the text became English notation suddenly.

The side menu part is also written in English for some reason.

To fix this mystery phenomenon, tap the icon at the top right of the screen and tap "Change version ...".

Then you can select "version" like this. When I unexpectedly opened this screen after the application became English notation, "version" was "U.S." for some reason.

So change to "Japan (Japan)" and tap "Done".

The notation is restored in this.

You can also delete and manage sections from the icon in the upper right of the screen, and if you tap "Use bright theme" ...

News screen changed from black base to white base.

Tap 'Hide image' ...

It is also possible to hide the image when listing news.

The weather information can be displayed by adding places, but when you display the menu on the "Heading" screen, the item "Edit today's weather ..." is displayed, so tap this.

Then the screen "Weather Information" opens, so tap "Detect current location automatically" and tap "Done".

If you did not allow the use of location information at the first launch, the following message will be displayed, so tap "OK".

Tap on "Settings" → "Privacy" → "Location Information Service" → "Google News" on the iPhone in turn and tap "Always Allow" at the end.

Then, the weather information of the current location will be displayed at the top of the "heading" screen.

It's good to check only your favorite news sites or blogs, but if you install an app that displays various news like "Google News & Weather Information", information that is biased somewhat It will be able to collect evenly.

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