"Google Drive for Education" for free and capacity unlimited Google Drive available to educational institutions such as students and teachers

Google Drive has more than 190 million users worldwide since about two years since its launch, and for those who use cloud storage at work and school, it is essential that services that are essential to solve sharing problems It has become. In June 2014, Google Drive for enterprises with unlimited storage capacity of $ 10 (about 1100 yen) per monthGoogle Drive for WorkWe have released "Google Drive for education,"Google Drive for Education"Was announced.

Google for Education: Announcing Drive for Education: The 21st century backpack for students

Google is Google Apps for EducationGoogle Apps for Education, But for Google Apps for Education users over 30 million worldwide, we announced Google Drive for Education for education "Google Drive for Education".

If you are a Google Apps for Education user, Google Drive for Education will be free for everyone in October 2014, like Google Drive for Work, it has unlimited storage capacity and can store files up to 5 TB at a time It is possible to upload. The concept is that teachers and students do not carry large amounts of paper,Chromebook"Student bag" which can carry all the data with tablet or tablet.

In addition, Education users are Google Apps' add-on services for holding, archiving, searching and exporting organization's mails to meet eDiscovery and compliance needs "Google Apps Vault"And a tool that allows Google Apps administrators to audit users' mail / mail drafts / archived chats"Google Apps Audit APIYou can also use it for free.

In addition, in May 2014, Google released a free program for teachers of Google Apps for Education "Classroom"We are focusing on expanding educational contents by developing services like" McDonald's Happy Set Strategy "to get familiar with Google products and services since I was young and to have it used without any sense of resistance even after becoming an adult

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