Google's business chat service "Hangouts Chat" starts official service provision

Business chat service that Google offered for some early adapter "Hangouts Chat"Was also offered to the general enterprise from February 28, 2018 in the US time. Positioned service that competes with the preceding business chat "Slack" and will be provided as part of Google's business suite "G Suite".

Move projects forward from one place? Hangouts Chat now available

Hangouts Chat makes it possible to communicate between teams with the messaging function of chat, and it supports group chat function which allows one-on-one messages and all group members to participate. In addition, because it is a service integrated into G Suite, it is easy to share files, photos, and videos such as "Drive", "Documents", "Spreadsheet", "Slides", and "Hang It is also possible to open a video conference with "Meet Out". In addition, highly confidentiality that the content of each chat can be made private can also be secured.

In Hangouts Chat, setting up a dedicated virtual room for each project and linking related conversations makes it possible to grasp the progress of the project and necessary tasks on a one-stop basis. In the chat room, a search function that utilizes AI is prepared, enabling efficient team collaboration. At the time of writing, the chat room supports up to 28 languages, 8000 members, and can be accessed in the same way from any platform including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS etc.

Since all of these services are realized on Google's cloud, it is one of the features that security is high. The level of security required for enterprise services is secured,VaultThere is also an environment where you can archive e-mails, files, chats and disclose electronic information.

In addition, Hangouts Chat can prepare 25 "bots" to realize high-speed workflow in fields such as finance, personnel affairs, CRM (customer relationship management), and project management. Each bot is associated with an application of G Suite and uses bots such as "@ Google Drive" to notify update information of shared files and "@ Meet" to manage the schedule of meetings in cooperation with the calendar In addition to being able to develop bots suitable for the situation of their company it is also possible.

further,TrelloYaSalesforce,KayakBot for solution services that are useful for business such as business planning and business are also to be offered, so we can integrate the functions inside and outside the G Suite and improve the efficiency of our work.

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