Microsoft upgraded "OneDrive" storage capacity to "unlimited"

ByBob Mical

You can access files from smartphones, tablets, PCs and share files "OneDriveMicrosoft has announced that it will change the storage capacity from 1 TB to "unlimited" in the past.

OneDrive delivers unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers | OneDrive Blog

It is targeted users using Office 365 Home, Personal, University (both for the US), and service provision will be gradually expanding over the next few months. Also, for Office 365 Business for businessOffice 365 roadmapWe are planning to start service in early 2015 according to the description in.

"OneDrive" is a cloud storage service that can be used by itself, you can use the capacity of 15 GB for free, but users using the Office 365 service can use it up to 1 TB for free I will. In this announcement, this capacity limit was abolished and it became possible to use without an upper limit.

Although the provision of services is "sequential", if you want to use as soon as possible, the order will be advanced ahead if you register from the following page.

Office 365 unlimited OneDrive storage

In the meantime, although it is currently for the domestic market, OneDrive itself is also being offered to Japan, and it seems that it will be applied sequentially even in Japan with different plan contents, so I would like to expect early delivery is.

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