Au planned to extend the service to use portable e-mail on PC in the summer of 2013


It became clear that au is planning to extend the service that can be used on PC even for e-mail for mobile phone (the one ending with @ address). This is due to the termination of au one mail service, it seems to be available around the summer.

Au portal: About termination of "au one mail" offer

Au one mail is a service that adopted Gmail, which began in July 2007, and the mail address ends with "@". Although it was a free service that can be used from either cellular phone or PC, we decided to terminate the service to reduce users.

Started "au one mail" service with 2 GB capacity adopting KDDI, Gmail

The schedule for terminating the service

March 31, 2013: au one mail use from au cellular phone is ended (smartphone, PC can be used from September 30, 2013)
March 31, 2013: au one mail reception acceptance is closed
September 30, 2013: au one mail service ended

And after the service is completed, you can not send and receive e-mails with au one e-mail address, and check e-mails sent and received. According to this, the terms of use change, and if you do not use au one mail for more than 90 days, it will be canceled after April.

People who transferred to the mobile e - mail address (@ and forwarded to au one mail and saved and confirmed will not be able to use this way, but according to au, It is planned to extend the service so that e-mail of PC can be used by PC. For details, it seems to be a follow-up contact.

In addition, for those who confirm au one net 's mail including the domain with au one mail, we are planning to provide au one net's new web mail service from the spring of 2013. As soon as we are ready, we will contact you as soon as we are ready, and until then we have been informed that you want to use au one mail.

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