NTT East and West finally finish "L mode" service officially

NTT West Japan and NTT East Japan today announced the "L modeWe announced that we will terminate.

Although it was a fixed phone version of "i-mode" which enables sending and receiving mails and retrieving information from fixed phones, it seems that it will finally end by the spread of broadband service.

Details are as follows.
Information on "L mode" service termination

According to this release, NTT East and NTT West end application for "L mode" new contract on November 30, 2006, and it is expected that the service will be terminated by the end of 2009I was announcingHowever, it seems that we decided to terminate the service based on the situation that the number of contractors is decreasing due to the influence such as the expansion of broadband access service demand.

The end of the service is said to be March 31, 2010 (Wednesday), and to users using L mode, to inform the end date of the service by direct mail etc.

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