Free for everyone to 15 GB "OneDrive" powers up, increased to the same level as Google Drive, paid version cut

Cloud storage service provided by Microsoft of the tagline "Save everything in your life together" such as photos, movies, document files etc.OneDriveHowever, the storage capacity that can be used for free will be increased from 7 GB to 15 GB, and the monthly usage fee for the paid option will also be drastically reduced.

Massive increase to OneDrive storage plans: 15 GB free for everyone, 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers | OneDrive Blog

According to Microsoft data, 3 people in 4 users of PC users said that the data capacity of photos and document files stored on the PC is within 15 GB. This is thought to be due to the use of external storage such as external hard disk and USB memory, but the capacity saved constantly in the PC seems to be surprisingly small. For this reason, Microsoft has decided to upgrade OneDrive's free storage capacity to 15 GB.

In addition, the monthly fee for the paid storage increase option also increases from 100 GB for 7.49 dollars (about 760 yen) to 1.99 dollar (about 200 yen), 200 GB from 11.49 dollar (about 1200 yen) to 3.99 dollars (about 410 yen) It can be lowered. The price is 100 GB per month for 1.99 dollars (about 200 yen)Pricing is similar to Google DriveSo, you will catch up with Google Drive due to its cost performance.

Google Drive dramatically lowers the monthly usage fee, to 1 thousand yen a month to 1000 yen per month - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, it is a cloud version of Microsoft OfficeOffice 365Users' OneDrive maximum storage capacity has also been increased to 1 TB, Office 365 Home will be able to use 1 TB of cloud storage at $ 9.99 per month (about 1000 yen), Office 365 Personal $ 6.99 per month (about 710 yen) about.

OneDrive's free storage capacity increase & paid option usage fee reduction starts from July 2014, and existing users of OneDrive are expected to automatically reflect changes.

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