"Tank USB memory series" where tanks appearing in "Girls & Panzer" became palm-sized USB memory

Over the two days of September 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun) in 2014, at Tokyo Big Sight "The 54th All Japan Model Hobby ShowWill be held. One of the exhibitors,Fine MoldAt the boothGirls und PanzerA USB memory that reproduced vehicles appearing on the vehicle with precise shaping and coloring was exhibited.

Fine Mold

Corner of the "Girls & Panzer Tank USB Memory Series" set up in a corner of the booth. All seven models were on display.

Each model is like this. In addition, it is said that details may be changed because it is under supervision.

· Type IV tank D type (Anzio simulated war time)

· Type IV tank D type (at national convention)

· Type IV tank D type (at the time of discovery ~ friendly time game)

· Eighty-nine form tank type tanker (Anzio simulated war time)

Characters of "Wash" of the school chapter are also reproduced batch-wise.

· Eighty-nine formula tank type Tank (at national convention)

· Eighty-nine formula tank type (during friendly game)

· Eighty-nine formula Tank Type A (Practice match)

The USB memory of "Girls & Panzer Tank USB Memory Series" was scheduled to be released in November 2014 with a capacity of 4 GB and a price of 2,500 yen (tax excluded). Also, the plastic model of the vehicle appearing in the work was also displayed in the booth.

· US Army 1/4 t 4 × 4 tracks

· Three types of medium tank "Chine"

· Eighty-nine formula tank type tank

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