I photographed how to shoot the gas gun of the sub machine gun "MP 7" that was used for the Bin Laden raid strategy

US Navy Special ForceSEALsA part of it is used, and a gas gun reproducing "MP 7 A 1" that was also used for the Osama bin Laden attack plan decided in May 2011 will be released from Tokyo Marui.

Model event this timeShizuoka Hobby ShowI was able to touch the real thing at the venue, so I took the picture with a movie and a picture.

Explanation has been made on boards exhibited at the venue that SEALs members are seen to have been used this bin at the Bin Laden raid strategy along with photos with "MP 7".

Demonstrations were held at the most prominent corner of Tokyo Marui's booth.

The gas gun exhibition space looks like this. The release schedule is summer 2012.

It is a heavy feeling enough to mistake as a real gun in line with the best and helmet etc.

It is about this size to have with an adult male hand. It is a very compact class as a sub machine gun, making it easier to walk around even indoor gunfights etc.

Trigger is like this.

On both sides of the barrelPicati two railThere is a metal plate with irregularities called so that you can attach accessories such as lights to this part.

Stock is telescopic.

Shrinking it will be like this. Because it becomes compact, it is convenient when bringing it in the car etc.

It actually looks like this.

Unevenness is attached to the grip, making it hard to slip even when wet with sweat and rain.

It is unusual in the sub machine gun, since the magazine is attached under the glue squeeze, it is easy to exchange even in an environment where it is difficult to see such as darkness.

We will use BB bullets and gas in this part.

You can see the movies checking the state of the vibrations, etc. which reproduced the recoil "recoil shock" shooting actual shots and shooting live ammunition below.

Full automatic shooting of "MP 7" gas gun - YouTube

Incidentally,The 51st Shizuoka Hobby ShowIt is business day for 17th (Thursday) and 18th (Fri) on 2012, and public release is done on May 19 (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday), so if you go to the venue, It is also possible to touch it.

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