The browser "Javelin Browser" which can easily delete advertisements can be used for explosion

There are many people who focus on speed of browsing when choosing a web browser, especially on smartphones there is more than PC requirement for comfortable browsing speed. A free browser application for Android reputed for such "speed"Javelin Browser"Chrome does not have" advertisement non-display function ", so I tried it.

Javelin browser

On Google Play "Javelin Browser", And tap" Install "->" agree "->" open "to start Javelin Browser.

This is the home screen of Javelin Browser. At the top of the screen there is a shortcut icon called "speed-dial" and icons that synchronize bookmarks, Javelin Sync, recently opened tabs, speed-dial with desktop version of Google Chrome and other Android devices.

Entering the URL of GIGAZINE in the address bar and opening the GIGAZINE top page looks like this. The opening speed is the explosion speed, it feels that it is faster than Chrome, a browser application with a reputation for speed.

Moreover, it is possible to display the page to the full screen on the Android 4.4 (KitKat) terminal through which the status bar and the navigation bar are transparent.

Tap the icon in the upper right of the screen or swipe to the left from the right end of the screen ...

A screen with the tab "TABS" displayed as a card appears on the right of the screen. This design will be adopted in the next Android OS "Android L"Material DesignIt seems to be following. Tap "+" icon ......

You can add new tabs. If you want to erase the tab, swipe the tab card to the left OK. The UI in which tab display, tab movement and tab erase can be operated with one hand is quite excellent.

Tap the "BOOKMARKS" tab and a bookmark will be displayed ......

You can display the search history by tapping "HISTORY" tab.

Tap the icon at the top left of the screen or swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right ...

Various setting screens appear on the left side of the screen. For example, to set Javelin Browser as the default browser, tap "Make default browser" ......

You can tap "Javelin" → "Always" then OK.

Javelin Browser has a "ad-block" function as a standard that easily turns off advertisement display.

If you do not want to display advertisements, check "Enable ad-block" ......

Tap "Enable Ad-Block now".

Finally tap "OK" to complete the setting.

The advertisement will not be displayed like this. However, it seems that some ads can not be hidden.

Also, if you check "Request desktop site" ...

PC version site display is possible.

You can change detailed settings by tapping the icon on the bottom screen.

Javelin Sync, Show / hide image image, Show / hide action bar, Language selection, Change default search engine, Change home screen, Delete browsing history · Cookies · Cache, etc. .

Javelin Bowser, a browser for Android that can easily hide advertisements, can surf the web with explosive speed whether there is advertisement or not, no longer need to ad-block because of speed focusing, I really want to turn off advertisement If you hide the advertisement only for people called OK was a browser called OK. Browsers are definitely recommended browsers for those who ask "speed" than anything else.

Also, by upgrading to the paid version "Javelin Pro" of 305 yen, the number of open tabs restricted to 10 in the free version becomes unlimited, and the URL of the home screen can be changed.

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