IPhone 6 Risks to Understand Comparing iPhone's Camera Performance

Every time a smartphone's latest model is announced, you will see a propaganda that "camera performance is improving", but which features have improved how well it is difficult to compare without actually comparing the photos taken . "The best camera at Apple, even better."With a catch phrase"IPhone 6If you compare the photos taken with the iPhone of the past, you can see the details of the improved camera function.

IPhone camera evolution: How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras? ~ Snap snap snap

◆ Macro
From the left are pictures of the strawberries photographed by iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 6. Although it is not in focus on the iPhone / 3G, it is in focus from 3GS and the resolution is also improved.

Cutting out the above images and arranging them makes the difference even more obvious.

When comparing the images shot macro shot by iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 in the top and bottom, you can see that iPhone 6 can shoot even finer parts than iPhone 5s. Especially the difference is noticeable in the strawberry leaf part, and in iPhone 6 the leaf vein is clearly visible level.

◆ Backlight
The images below were taken with outdoor lighting which is common in outdoor shooting.

Red flare has occurred on iPhone 4, but ...

In iPhone 4s, the color becomes soft and the flare also decreases. The place where the whole is reddish only a little is worrisome.

With iPhone 6, the flare of the sun is suppressed considerably, and the balance of the whole color that seems natural light is balanced.

Looking only at the subject and comparing it is like this.

Top is iPhone 5s and bottom is iPhone 6. The lightness of the shadowed part of iPhone 6 is improving, but the difference in coloring may be preference.

◆ Outdoors
Compare what you shot outdoors on a sunny day.

Pictures taken with iPhone 4 on the top and iPhone 4s on the bottom. The whole iPhone 4 is slightly reddish, whereas the iPhone 4s feels more natural than it is. I understand well that the white balance function is improved.

The pictures taken with the iPhone 6 are also wonderful, but as far as the eyes are concerned, although the resolution is improving slightly, dramatic evolution from 4s can not be confirmed.

◆ Portrait
Person shoot with iPhone of the past and compare it will be below.

Pictures taken with the iPhone 5 have reflections like purple moya reflected on the right side.

It is the thing which the top is an iPhone 5s and the bottom is a photograph taken with iPhone 6 by zooming out. IPhone 6 has higher resolution and delicate skin coloring.

◆ sunset
When comparing images taken by sunset, the resolution has evolved from model to model.

Although the top is the iPhone 5s and the bottom is the iPhone 6 shot, the iPhone 6 is superior to the iPhone 5s in image quality, while the iPhone 5s has a strong contrast and a three dimensional feeling.

A dark place
Finally, if you shuffle what you took in the dark, you can see that the resolution has improved dramatically through the series.

When zooming in and checking, the difference in resolution is obvious.

Although it is blurred in the first iPhone ... ...

On the iPhone 5s it's pretty clear.

With iPhone 6, the resolution is even higher and the outline is clearly visible and clearly visible.

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