"IPhone 7 Plus" can dual lenses up to 10 times the digital zoom possible, so I checked how much it is different

Two camera lenses are installed, and it is possible to double zoom optical zoom and up to 10 times digital zoomIPhone 7 Plus". I installed the optical image stabilizer and was able to perform more advanced image processing, so I tried using the actual camera function to see what kind of photograph can be taken.

First of all, what kind of things was possible on the new iPhone? So I will try using the camera function of iPhone 7 Plus.

I tried to shoot using "iPhone 7 Plus" which became a dual lens camera - YouTube

Up to iOS 9, in order to activate the camera from the lock screen, it was necessary to slide up while holding the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen, but from iOS 10, just by swiping the screen from right to left OK is.

Camera started. At this time, the letter "1x" surrounded by a circle at the bottom of the screen is displayed.

When this is pressed ......

Punch and jump to 2x zoom. The letter "1x" changed to "2x".

If you hold "2x" button ...

Appears like a protractor. Digital zooming up to 10 times is possible by moving this.

When zooming to the maximum, it looks like this.

In addition, it is very convenient that this 2x zoom can be used in any shooting of time lapse, slow video square, panorama.

For video, the digital zoom is up to 6 times.

In case of slow it is possible to zoom up to 3 times.

Take panoramic shooting ......

2 times zoom. Since it was not possible to zoom in panoramic photography etc, this is very convenient.

So, I tried shooting various things. Below, the photograph on the left is iPhone 7 Plus and the picture on the right is taken with iPhone 6s Plus.

It looks like you jumped indoors. The iPhone 7 Plus is slightly brighter, slightly yellowish. The iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with optical image stabilizer, and the exposure time is up to three times longer than iPhone 6s, so it captures the moment that floated in the air firmly without blurring.

Next, I took a picture of the figures I put on the desk.

With two terminals, if you reach the limit to the subject you will see a difference so far.

There is not much difference in finish when portrait shooting without zooming ... ...

Even in the bright indoor, the iPhone 7 Plus 2x zoom, iPhone 6s Plus zoomed to the same extent, I felt quite a difference. Those who shoot with iPhone 7 Plus are sharply expressed to the fine parts, solid feeling is solid. On the other hand, with pictures shot with iPhone 6s Plus, the impression that the detail was crushed and slightly used when using the zoom.

The mane part of the horse mask also sharpened one iPhone 7 Plus shooter.

When I took food in the room illuminated with slightly warm color lighting, the iPhone 6s Plus saw it looked delicious as it was shaded.

Just the representation of the details is the impression that iPhone 7 Plus is delicate.

It is like this when taking a picture in the open air during the day. A difference is felt in the empty blue color appearance.

I tried zooming to the maximum with 2 terminals. Even those who shoot with iPhone 7 Plus are slightly coarser in image, but you can see the details by using digital zoom.

The difference was felt at the photo at dusk.

The one that made a part of it close up is kore. The picture taken with iPhone 7 Plus shows the appearance of a smooth and clear cloud, but the picture taken with the iPhone 6s Plus shows something like a moya in the sky, it has become a rough texture .

As the sun goes down again, the brightness of the photos taken with the iPhone 7 Plus is conspicuous. IPhone 7 Plus said that the light that reaches the camera sensor is 50% larger than the iPhone 6s because the opening is larger, so it seems that beautiful pictures can be taken even in a light less environment is.

A state of the night. If there is something that "Does not it change much?"

Again, the things of the impression that the iPhone 7 Plus is brighter, such as the ground and the building, and the details are caught.

If you take a Ferris wheel up as well, you can see that the iPhone 7 Plus is brighter and clearer.

Pictures taken panoramically. The top is iPhone 7 Plus and the bottom is iPhone 6s Plus.

Also, when you take a time lapse shot with two terminals, it looks like the following. This is what I took with iPhone 7 Plus ......

When you shoot time lapse with "iPhone 7 Plus" like this, YouTube

This one using iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus has a slightly brighter color and a brilliant impression.

When you take time lapse with "iPhone 6s Plus" like this, YouTube

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