I tried various video shooting functions such as 'action mode' that corrects camera shake with 'iPhone 14 Pro Max'

The 'iPhone 14' series released on September 16, 2022 can shoot videos at up to 4K60fps, and the new 'action mode' function that corrects camera shake during shooting can be used. It also has a lot of functions. I actually shot a video and confirmed the ability of such video shooting.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max - Apple (Japan)


First of all, let's see how much the action mode is. To turn on action mode, open the camera application, set it to video shooting mode, and tap the icon that looks like a person running in the upper right. You can shoot at up to 2.8K, 24fps/30fps/60fps.

I actually turned on the action mode and tried shooting. The image on the left is taken with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the image on the right is taken with the iPhone 14.

I tried to check the ability of iPhone's camera shake correction function 'action mode' - YouTube

In the video, after running down the stairs, it is running on a flat surface. When I turned on the action mode, it was easy to see the difference, especially in the scene where I ran down the stairs, and I was able to shoot images as if I was floating off the ground.

However, it seems that shooting in action mode requires light, so it is not suitable for shooting at night. Below are images cut out from two images taken at the same place, the left one is action mode on and the right one is action mode off. Even in an urban area illuminated by streetlights, turning on the action mode will result in a considerably darker image.

Next, we prepared “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 13 Pro” and compared the video quality. The iPhone 14 Pro Max shoots at 4K60fps and the iPhone 13 shoots at 4K30fps.

I compared the image quality of ``iPhone 14 Pro Max'' with ``iPhone 14'' and ``iPhone 13 Pro''-YouTube

The iPhone 14 does not have a telephoto lens, so it is not good at shooting when zoomed in. Its power is also evident in video shooting, and when shooting at 3x magnification, you can see that the white splashes are captured quite coarsely.

Next, you can check the state of nighttime video shooting with the following movie.

I tried shooting a video at night with 'iPhone 14 Pro Max', 'iPhone 14' and 'iPhone 13 Pro'-YouTube

iPhone 13 and later models are equipped with a 'cinematic mode' that allows you to change the focus target of the captured image later. Since the camera application has a shooting mode called 'Cinematic' separately from 'Video', first shoot after selecting this. You can shoot at a maximum of 1080p (30fps).

If you edit the captured video from the 'Photo' application, you can see that 'Cinematic' is displayed as follows.

Double-tap the subject to focus on it, and you can use AF tracking to automatically follow the subject and keep it in focus. Also, a yellow dot appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate that it is in focus.

By long-tapping the subject, you can use 'AF lock' to fix the focus on a point at a specific distance from the camera. By focusing on each scene in this way, you will be able to create images that change the blur freely.

You can adjust the depth of field by tapping the depth of field adjustment button. You can change the aperture value from 2 to 16, but this setting applies to the entire image, so you can't use it to change the depth of field only for a part of the video you shot.

You can check the part of the video edited in cinematic mode from the following.

I tried ``Cinematic Mode'' that allows you to change the focus of the shot video later on ``iPhone 14 Pro Max''-YouTube

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