Professional photographers praised the camera performance beyond the iPhone X's smartphone, and the case examples are also released

Professional photographerAustin MannIn order to verify the camera performance of iPhone X, I photographed photos using iPhone X when I went to Guatemala for traveling and verified its performance. In Mann's "Camera Review of iPhone X", Apple's Tim Cook also "check it out"TweetsIt has a value that seems to be worth seeing.

iPhone X Camera Review: Guatemala - Austin Mann

Mann seems to have used 4 models of 5.5 inch iPhone so far. Because the display is large and the battery life is long, this 5.5-inch iPhone is said to be the best for email, photo shooting and image sharing. However, it was a little big to operate with one hand, sometimes the pocket feels cramped, and I always thought that 'if it is a little bit smaller'. It was iPhone X that appeared at such time, and Mann seemed to have "everything was just right" for Mr. Mann.

Mann seems to have used it without attaching a case etc to iPhone X, but although it is slightly different in size, it seems to have a shape and comfortable to remember the first iPhone. Also, the back panel made of glass has better grip performance than the aluminum case, iPhone X is perfect for taking pictures with one hand with the terminal.

iPhone 7 Plus is the first dual lens camera in the history of iPhone, one lens is a wide-angle lens, and the other is a telephoto lens. The iPhone 7 Plus telephoto lens seemed to be inferior in quality to the wide angle lens in the dark place, and although I wanted to zoom in with the telephoto lens, I thought that I did not want to sacrifice the quality of the photograph. However, the iPhone X telephoto lens has become quite high quality from the time of the iPhone 7 Plus, and it has succeeded in bridging the gap with the wide-angle lens.

The following picture shows a monochrome picture taken in iPhone X's portrait mode

This is also a picture taken in iPhone X's portrait mode. You can enjoy blur at a level you can not think of smartphone cameras easily.

Also, the iPhone X telephoto lens is equipped with optical image stabilizer function. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 Plus adopts the optical image stabilizer function only for wide-angle lenses. The fact that both lenses are equipped with an Optical Image Shake Reduction feature means that the camera is strong against shaking and is superior to shooting in the dark.

Mann seems to like taking the time-lapse movie to see the sun setting from sunset to night, but when you shoot with a smartphone or the like, it seems that there is a lot of noise becoming bad at night. However, iPhone X said the telephoto lens is powering up and that point has also been improved. You can see the time lapse movie actually taken with iPhone X from the following.

iPhone: TImelapse Guatemala Sunset from Austin Mann on Vimeo

Picture of taking other subjects with low light setting & telephoto lens. Mann said, "There is little noise, autofocus is fast (especially in portrait mode), and the shutter speed is fast (so subject shake is reduced)".

Even in shooting in the dark place it seems almost no noise is contained.

Mann also praised the beauty of iPhone X's display, saying, "Color is pop, black is pure black, contrast is just right." Also, in a very bright place such as under the sunlight, it may be hard to see the subject reflected on the screen of the iPhone, but thanks to the brightness and contrast of the iPhone X screen, it is also more direct than the iPhone 8 Plus Under the sunlight shooting will be much easier.

Photos taken actually outdoors using iPhone X

"Black on the iPhone X display is black" may not come with imitation pins, but comparing black on the iPhone 8 Plus display and black on the iPhone X display is obvious.

black point de Austin Mann on Vimeo

The display of iPhone X is "Dolby VisionIt is correspondence. It can be said that this is the result of collaboration between Apple and Dolby (Dolby) which is often seen in movie theaters and the like. Mann expresses "iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K compatible with Dolby Vision" as "really truly exciting news", and in fact Dolby headquarters is a topic of Dolby Vision It also reveals that I got the opportunity to experience it. According to Mann, Dolby Vision uses dynamic metadata to optimize the image of each screen automatically for each frame of the video, thereby allowing for expressing brighter colors and deep black It is that.

Both the rear camera and the in-camera of iPhone X can shoot a portrait that is very similar to a wonderful one, but the technology actually used is very different. The rear camera uses two lenses to create a depth map to express blur, but this requires more light.

On the other hand, since there is only one lens on the front TrueDepth camera, it creates a depth map around the face of the user by irradiating infrared rays. In other words, it is more suitable for portrait mode in the dark because less light intensity is needed to create a face depth map.

The picture on the left side of the picture below is taken with the portrait mode of the iPhone X's rear camera. The picture taken on the right side in the portrait mode of the front camera. In the case of the rear camera, in the portrait mode, the depth is judged with two lenses, so blur can not be expressed well if the background is dark. However, since the front camera measures the depth with infrared rays, it can express blurredly even if it is dark.

The following movies performed a shutter test of iPhone 7 Plus (left) and iPhone X (right) in the dark. IPhone X will overwhelmingly focus on the subject moving in the dark overwhelmingly.

flash de Austin Mann on Vimeo

Other pictures of shooting with iPhone X are as follows.

Mann says that the camera that can shoot iPhone X quickly and beautifully is "really funny" and switching to iPhone X is said to be "the most exciting smartphone update since switching from the Blackberry 7230 to the first iPhone!"

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