A project to publish 14 million free and freely available historical images

A project has begun to extract 14 million images from 2 million public domain e-books owned by the

Internet Archive , which records and stores all information on the Internet, and publish them for free. The target books have been published in the last 500 years, and there are various genres from medical materials to caricatures. All can be downloaded for free and can be used for commercial purposes.

Millions of historic images posted to Flickr | Internet Archive Blogs

More than 2.6 million images have already been uploaded to the project's Flickr account, and the collection will continue to grow at a pace of more than 1000 books per day. You can search and download images from the following page.

Internet Archive Book Images | Flickr

An example of the image looks like the following. Decorative frame

C is CAT

Retro illustration

Coat of arms


One from page 18 of the book

Seattle and the Orient , published in the 1900s

Patterns and patterns

Something like a picture book

PDQ running through

Musical score

A refreshing man from the American magazine

The Saturday Evening Post

Diagram showing the value of land

Not in the rain, not in the wind

Illustration of a woman

Explain the moment when the balloon breaks

How the gun works

Old Canadian flag


This is a project undertaken by Professor Kalev Leetaru of Georgetown University. Professor Leetaru is Yahoo! As a researcher in search, the Internet Archive will continue to work with Flickr and libraries to expand its collection and add unique content using image recognition tools.

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