Internet Archive archive amount reaches 10 petabytes

We saved past websites as much as possible "Way back machine"We also store movies and software, including"Internet ArchiveThe archive amount of10 petabytesIt is said that it reached.

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10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes archived! | Internet Archive Blogs

The Internet Archive announced on October 25 that the archive amount reached 10 petabytes.

Archived data includes, for example, the appearance of a website more than 10 years ago, more than 1 million movies, and more than 1.5 million audio files. Just recently, 80 terabytes and 2.7 billion pages of data were added to the way back machine from the crawled data, and it is expected that expansion will continue as a cultural material storage cabinet on the Internet in the future.

By the way,According to The Verge, Facebook has become 100 petabytes only with photos and movies. Even for general users, it is time to upload movies on the net easily, so how much data size should be saved in future?

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