"Smithsonian Images" that you can download free images of the Smithsonian Museum

It is made up of many museum groups and holds a collection of 142 million collections, which is famousSmithsonian MuseumIt is managed by this "Smithsonian ImagesSite called. As the name implies, you can view images of the collections in the Smithsonian museum, and you can download them all for free. Since downloaded images can be used only for individuals and non-commercial users, it is quite useful if you want to use images on your site.

Details are as below.
Smithsonian Images: Digital Photography, Printed Pictures, Historic Images, and E-Cards

It is classified into a considerable number of categories, and you can browse all categories from the following page.


Since the page itself has a simple search window, you can search by word or phrase in addition to tracing from category. From the following pages you can narrow down and search by more detailed criteria.

Advanced Search

To download and use, click the image first

Next, click "Download Image"

Since the window opens in the popup, you can download the image by clicking the number link next to "Image".

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