"OpenDesigns.org" to distribute more than 200 website templates for free

At present, about 200 or more website templates are downloadable for free, and licenses range from commercially available to GPL licenses, CC licenses.

Noteworthy is the extent of the search function, which can be narrowed down by combining XHTML compliant, license-based, bright or dark system, width fixed or not, number of columns and color name.

Details are as follows.
Open Design Community - Download Free Web Design Templates - OpenDesigns.org

Use of powerful search function is from the following.

Search Designs · OpenDesigns.org

You can also see the preview of the template with the thumbnail image from below. Convenient because if you hover the mouse over the thumbnail image detailed information will be displayed. Very convenient because you can see actual templates on the browser by clicking.

View Designs · OpenDesigns.org

Even if you do not actually use it, it is convenient because it also becomes a reference material for design consideration and planning.

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