"Netatmo weather station & rain gauge" reviewing indoor & outdoor temperature, humidity, CO2 etc to provide detailed weather information

Netatmo is installed indoors and outdoors to measure indoor environment and outdoor weather information "Weather Station"We sell. The indoor module can display the indoor environment by measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration, air quality and noise level, and the outdoor module measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality and accurate from the Meteorological Agency Weather information can be obtained in real time. We also sell rain gauges that accurately measure rainfall as additional modules and all these data can be checked from smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi.

It is rare to measure the surrounding environment thoroughly so far, so I tried to purchase all modules for 5 days to see how precise it was.

Netatmo | Weather Station for Smart Device

◆ Weather Station
So "netatmo weather station" arrived with indoor / outdoor module set.

He said he will measure changes in all kinds of surrounding environments.

The figures and errors that can be measured in Japanese are as follows.
Outdoor temperature:Minus 40 degrees to 65 degrees
Indoor temperature:0 degree to 50 degrees, error: plus or minus 0.3 degrees
Humidity:0 to 100%, error plus or minus 3%
· Pressure:260 - 1260Mbar(Millibar), error 1 mbar
· CO2:0 to 5000Ppm, Error 50 ppm, or 5%
·noise:35 to 120DB(Digibel),

There is one outdoor module and one indoor module called "Station" inside.

Taking out all the accessories is like this. From the left is an outdoor module, station, power connector and USB cable, three conversion plugs and indoor module fixing band, indoor module fixing screw, AAA batteries × 2, instructions.

Illustration specifications common to all the world.

Since the outdoor module is not waterproofed, it is installed under the roof, the station avoid direct sunlight such as the window side, and install it away from the stove.

The smaller one on the left is the outdoor module, the larger one on the right is the station. Both are metallic bodies of aluminum.

The size of the station is about smaller than that of a general phone handset. All data of outdoor module and rain gauge are sent to the station which is the master unit.

There is no battery in it, and on the back side there is a micro-USB port for power supply.

Weight is 174 g.

Since the power plug is a replacement type, connect the conversion plug to the Japan specification at the time of use ... ...

Connect the Micro - USB terminal to the main unit.

Once the main unit lights up in green it is ready.

Because it can only be used with wired, put it in a place where the USB cable can reach and put it in a place not exposed to direct sunlight OK.

The outdoor module has a groove for fixing on the back side ... ...

It is possible to install by hooking bands or screws.

The outdoor module is battery-operated, and you can pull out the contents by turning the bottom with a click.

When I turn around two screws ......

You can insert dry batteries.

The attached dry cell is made by INDUSTRIAL.

After inserting dry batteries, you can use it once you tighten the screw and set the cover.

Weight is 119 g only in main body, 142 g with dry cell battery.

The installation location is outdoors, but because it is not waterproof, it will be installed in places not exposed to rain or direct sunlight. Since rain fly to surprising places, it may be better to fix it somewhere with a band.

◆ Rain gauge
Next we will open the rain gauge.

Since it is an additional module to the last, it can not be used alone.

The notation on the back side was not yet Japaneseized.

We will open it to confirm the contents.

Appears like a small salad bowl.

I took it out. The bowl is receiving rain, a mechanism that measures rainfall by rain flowing into the black body part.

Looking at the bottom, there are two tripod holes and a passage opening for rain.

Although it can be installed in a favorite place stably when wearing a tripod, it needs rain because it becomes raining.

Size is slightly larger than iPhone 5s.

When removing the contents, parts that distribute the rain falling inside are attached to the left and right, but making is simple very much.

Since we already have two AAA batteries, you can use it immediately by pulling out the sheet with the arrow.

Since the rain gauge is of course waterproofing, placing it in a place without a roof will measure rainfall more and more.

◆ Station & outdoor module setting
Installing a special application is necessary to start measurement with module.

Weather Station by Netatmo on the App Store on iTunes

Station Netatmo - Android application on Google Play

This time I will install it in order to review with the iOS application.

When the application starts up, enter the e-mail address and password from "sign up", tap the check box and tap "OK". Also tap "OK" to use location information.

Connect the station to the power supply.

It is like this when actually lighting in blue.

Then the application detects the station, so tap "Netatmo" and tap "Set".

For sharing Wi-Fi settings from the connected device, tap "Permitted" and tap "Continue" if the SSID is correct.

Enter the name of the station freely. By default, the place name detected by GPS is attached.

Next, in order to recognize the outdoor module, set the battery to the outdoor module as shown by the application and press "next" OK.

The station measures the surrounding environment all day, but it can also be measured manually by touching the top. When detecting extreme measured values, alerts will flow to the application.

This completes the setting. When you look at the application, you can see that the measurement of the surrounding environment has started.

◆ Rain gauge setting
Next we will set the rain gauge. From the setting button on the upper left of the screen, tap "Add / Remove Module". Up to three additional modules can be connected per station.

Tap "Netatmo" and tap Next to re-recognize the station. Tap "Rain gauge" and tap "OK".

Insert the battery into the rain gauge. If you already have it, remove the batteries and restart after a while. In that state bring the rain gauge closer to the station.

In addition, when recharging the battery, it is explained that it is 20 seconds in the application, but it was not recognizable no matter how many times it was exactly 20 seconds. If you can not easily recognize, remove the battery for about 1 minute and reinsert it.

When the station recognizes the rain gauge, simply enter the favorable name to be easily distinguished and tap "OK" to complete the setting.

As a test I tried running the water of the tap water to the saucer, and the measurement of rainfall started immediately.

◆ I tried using
The interface of the application is like this. The top shows outdoors and the bottom shows the interior, you can see at a glance what you are watching by pressing the "i" button if you are wondering "What is this number?"

I tried taking a screenshot about every hour. "Indoor comfort" changed from "good" to "normal", which shows that the indoor environment deteriorated a little.

The number in the upper right means alert, and if it is not open, it will be displayed as a notification. When you tap, the list of what kind of event occurred is displayed and you can see that the amount of CO2 has increased and decreased.

Measurement results are sent to the application at regular intervals, but if you want to know the result of ventilation immediately, touch the top of the station with your fingers and you can start measuring manually by emitting light in orange.

Slide down the indoor numerical field ... ...

You can check the weather information of the day by "Summary", and by switching tabs, it is possible to check the change of "temperature" and "rain" with time on a graph by time.

When I noticed, the gauge of "outdoor air quality" turned red and it was displayed as "bad for the body". Tap the house mark next to the gauge to see what is happening outside. Then you can see the main pollutants, this time "nmhc (Non-methane hydrocarbons) "It was. Waiting for a while, the outside air fell normally, but what on earth was going on ...?

On another day the outdoor air quality has deteriorated to "bad for the body", and the main pollutant at this time is "ox (Photochemical oxidant)"was. Even though I went outside while an alert was out, I did not feel "Air is bad!", But maybe I had sucked in something without knowing it ... ....

In the editorial department, there were many times when I felt that "the air is muffled", but it turned out that it was caused by the fact that the CO2 concentration had increased as people increased. When opening the window, it tends to close because the cooler does not work, I was not able to ventilate enough, but when I ventilated until the CO2 concentration was settled, some of the editorial staff say " I felt that I became beautiful. " Even just opening the window a little, the CO2 concentration was the difference between the heavens and the earth, so if you open a little in a room with multiple windows, keep the indoor environment clean without affecting the room temperature much It seems to be possible.

When you hold the device horizontally, the graph is displayed automatically.

Looking at the CO2 concentration, we can see that the CO2 concentration is rising around 8:00 to 9:00 when starting work. In addition to being able to switch to temperature and humidity, it will become clear at a glance what kind of change is occurring indoors and outdoors.

To switch to the rain gauge, just press the button at the top of the screen. The amount of accumulation and the amount of expected precipitation are displayed, and the accurate weather conditions of the surroundings can be understood together with the measurement result of the outdoor module.

As you can see from the graph, this time, the rainfall per hour is recorded in a batch ... ...

When the Weather Station's weather forecast was "rain" though it was sunny outside, it was caught in a shower but I was surprised it rained really. People cultivating plants outdoors should be considerably useful for watering as they can know detailed precipitation.

In addition, the measurement result can be checked not only from the application but also from the PC by logging in with the account created with the application from the following page.


You can see the measurement result in a slightly different way from the application. It is convenient to swap the measurement results to display or to view the graph at once in a list.

The attached dry cell was on the verge of running out of the battery, but if it is replaced with a new battery, it can be measured for about one year.

In addition, "Netatmo weather station" which can measure outdoor and indoor surrounding environment is on sale at 19,144 yen in Amazon.Additional module rain gaugeIt is out of stock.

Amazon.co.jp: 【Japan Authorized Agency product · with warranty】 Netatmo Weather Station NET-OT-000001: Home Appliances · Camera

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