Expansion of infection of Ebola hemorrhagic fever over 50% fatality can be summarized as follows


Fierce in West AfricaEbola fever heatOf the three health care workers who were administered unapproved drug 'ZMapp' that is expected to be effective in the past 2 Americans recovered and caught their lives, but a Liberian doctor He died. It is like this when summarizing the past situation of Ebola hemorrhagic which there is no silver bullet and there is a danger of spreading infection.

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World Health OrganizationAccording to the WHO report, the number of people who died of Ebola outbreak by August 18, 2014 was 1,350. Of those, 576 people in Liberia, 396 people in Guinea, 374 people in Sierra Leone and 4 people in Nigeria have been confirmed dead.

All four countries who have issued victims of Ebola outbreaks are located in West Africa.New England Journal of MedicineAccording to the researchers, it is considered that the onset of the recent epidemic occurred on 2 December 2013 on Guinea's 2 year old boy.

Ebola bleeding fever attacked GuineaGueckedouIs the leading trade area in West Africa, by the end of March 2014 Ebola virus crossed the border and spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone. In June 2014Doctors Without Borders"Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic is uncontrollable". From this time on, the death toll of Ebola hemorrhagic infection has increased to the eel climb.

This is a bar graph showing the number of infected people and the number of deaths of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Although there are cases where no infected person occurs at all from 1979 to 1994, it can be seen that once inflated the number of infected people increases in hundreds of people and many people died. However, if you look at the number of people infected for nearly the past 40 years, it is obvious that the epidemic in 2014 is about the same size as in the past year.

In particular, the major epidemic in 2014 occurred in West Africa where ebola hemorrhagic fever had never occurred, whereas the majority of Ebola outbreaks from 1976 to 2013 (red) was confined to central Africa What you did (green) is obvious.

Regarding the cause of Ebola hemorrhagic outbreak, the first thing is that the sanitation infrastructure is not well developed. Ebola virus is not infected with air and the virus itself can also be disinfected with alcohol or soap so it is thought that if you are infected with Ebola hemorrhagic fever · It is thought that you can prevent infection if you do not touch the body fluids and excreta of wild animals · West Africa In the countries of the country there is no public health environment and it has failed to halt the spread of infection. It is pointed out that despite the population of more than 170 million people in Nigeria, one of the most oil-producing countries in Africa, only four victims of Ebola hemorrhagic stays in the public health environment there is.

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It is also a fact that failed to isolate patients suspected of infection as a reason why Ebola virus infection spread was not prevented. The Liberian government insulated the poor areas where many people suspected of being infected with Ebola hemorrhagic fever were isolated and the residents who opposed the government's quarantine measures attacked the isolation facility and escaped after stealing the sheets to which the patient's blood was attached Trouble occurred, and as a result it has been pointed out that control of infection control failed.

Also, in some West African countries, there are many people who are suspicious of the government due to many years of civil war situation, there are many who fail to comply with government's quarantine instructions or notify Ebola hemorrhagic infection As the country has many "the number of soldiers is more than the number of doctors" like Liberia with Ebola bleeding fever, the shortage of overall medical resources is also a major cause of infection spread.

ByEuropean Commission DG ECHO

In the area infected with Ebola hemorrhagic fever, it is spurring confusion such as "eyebrow sprain therapy" such as "you can prevent infection if you drink salt water" and "you can kill Ebola virus with onions". Even on the American online selling health foodsPowder that says "Ebola resistance against viruses"Has appeared, "Ebola Virus Protection Kit"Ebola virus that is not able to compare the rough product has appeared or fraudulent behavior that multiplied the turmoil of the spread of Ebola hemorrhagic fever infection also rampant.

In addition, the background that Ebola hemorrhagic magic bullet has not yet been developed includes not only the difficulty of the vaccine development itself but also the high mortality rate of Ebola hemorrhagic feverControl experimentIt is also pointed out that there is an ethical problem with the high probability that patients given placebo (placebo) die.

Furthermore, if the area where Ebola hemorrhagic fever occurs is limited to poor countries in Africa, and even if the number of occurrences of Ebola hemorrhagic fever is small on a worldwide scale, even if it succeeds in developing a specific medicine, the " It has also been pointed out that it is not a passionate thing.

Apart from West Africa, which is on a pandemic on August 24, 2014, Central AfricanDeaths due to Ebola hemorrhagic fever infection will emerge even in CongoThe expansion of the infection with Ebola hemorrhagic fever, etc., is a situation that is unpredictable.

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