The death toll in Ebola outbreak fell to 160 people, contrary to the government's expectation infected people increased


Since infected people were discovered in a small village in southeastern Guinea in March, the capitalConakryIt spread toEbola fever heat. The publicity of Guinea Insurance Ministry said that "the number of newly infected people is decreasing"ReutersHowever, contrary to anticipation the number of dead is still increasing.

The African Ebola outbreak that shows no sign of slowing

Ebola virus disease, West Africa (Situation as of 2 May 2014) - WHO | Regional Office for Africa

The publicity of Guinea Insurance Ministry on April 15 said "Ebola hemorrhagic fever has resulted in 106 deaths,Republic of LiberiaAlthough the number of people infected with suspected infection was 159 at 15th day, the number of new infected people has been decreasing rapidly "to the Reuters.

However, as of May 5 local time the number of deaths in Guinea has reached 155 people, the death toll in the Republic of Liberia is 11 people. In the report dated March 30, 24 specimens were positive by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, but in the report of May 2, 127 out of 210 specimens had a positive response, and about 1 More than 100 infected people have been confirmed in the month. In addition, infection was confirmed by those who care for patients in hospitals, 16 of whom died.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever begins with symptoms such as fever, chills, headache, muscle pain, such as a cold, and progresses to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Over time, bleeding is seen in the whole body such as nose, mouth, skin, and its mortality rate is said to be 50 to 89%. In 2011, in experiments targeting micevaccineAlthough it was made, the reality is that treatment methods for humans have not been established. According to the optimistic expectation of the Guinean government, WHO said, "The incubation period of Ebola hemorrhagic fever can be three weeks, and Guinea and neighboring countries will report new infected people in the next few weeks" However, according to the word, the number of infected people / dead was increasing.

ByPhil Moyer

Newly announcedpaperAccording to the previous estimate, according to the Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic was already seen in December 2013. Currently still under investigation, this epidemic is seen as being caused by villagers in Guinea outback treating flesh of fruit bat affected by virus.

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