The 29th infected patient escaped the next day when hundreds of residents cried out that "Ebola does not exist", the cause is the plundering of medical facilities by the armed group's attack

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Ebola hemorrhagic fever which is still raging while reporting that "infected people are on a downward trend" since infected people were discovered in the southeastern part of Guinea in February 2014. An infectious disease that is said to have a mortality rate of 50% or more, but an incident arises that armed groups attacked facilities that isolate infected patients and 29 patients fled.

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The incident occurred in a slums facility called West Point on the evening of August 16 (Saturday). Local witnesses told AFP, armed men said, "It broke through the door and plundered and all the patients fled away." The government of the Republic of Liberia says it will transfer it to a major hospital in Morombia, the capital of the Republic of Liberia, once the patients are found.

The day before the raid occurred, in the Republic of Liberia, several hundred residents shouting that "there is no Ebola at West Point" came to the slums and crushed buried teams who had been recovering the infected person and the case that the police are driven away It was happening.

Local police officers said that "cases like this time looting medical facilities are on the rise." Sheets and mattresses with medical equipment and blood marks are stolen, but Ebola hemorrhagic fever inflicted also from body fluids such as sweat and blood, so there is concern that infection will spread further to slums.


At the present time there are more than 1,100 deaths due to Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa and 413 deaths have occurred in Liberia where 11 deaths were confirmed at the time of May as of May, "Foreigners are sick It is confirmed that the residents who protest by throwing stones to rescue worker and aid transport ship as brought in ". Also, some residents are afraid to go to Ebola Treatment Center, so actual infected persons and deceased people are more than reported, so it is currently the case that accurate figures can not be measured.

One of the hospitals accepted by doctors without cross border has 137 patients even though there are 40 beds, and infected patients are overflowing to the entrance, Joanne Liu The doctor said. In another hospital, there are 25 people who can accommodate, and 80 patients are visiting the hospital. The situation where the infected person and the non-infected person are mixed is very dangerous, and Liu told the current situation to the battlefield.

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Although Ebola hemorrhagic that has not yet developed a vaccine, WHO acknowledged the introduction of the test drug called ZMapp as infected people are increasing. In the past ZMapp was dosed to two Americans and one Spanish, although it is reported that the American doctor is on a recovery trend, the Spaniard died. This ZMapp also arrived in the Republic of Liberia and was used by some people since Friday the 15th.

According to the WHO report on 15th, the number of deaths in the four West African countries is 1145 people. According to a survey in 2012, some people said that the population of West Point where the medical facilities were attacked was over 50,000, and on the 17th, the entire West Point should be isolated Quarantine measures are not taken.

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