I was arrested for the reason "There is no toilet at home"

According to Reuters news agency reports, there are people arrested in Uganda because "there is no toilet at home".

Why on earth did I have to be arrested for that reason?

Details are as below.
Uganda authorities arrested people who are not setting up toilet at home | speech of the world | Reuters

According to this article, the Ugandan authorities seem to have arrested at least 100 Ugandans because "no toilet is set up at home." This is due to the spread of cholera that is often caused by insufficient sewage equipment, 164 people in Uganda already infected with cholera and 8 people are dead.

Regarding this arrest, the authorities said "We can not see the people die (with cholera)," he said he declared the reason for arresting a person who has not installed a toilet at home. By the way, in Uganda it is forbidden to build a house without setting an appropriate toilet, but there is no precedent for arrest.

Is it really inevitable that the disease is prevalent ....

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