"Chairless Chair" which does not burden your feet even in the posture of air chair

While it is sometimes impossible for us to take an unreasonable attitude in the daily life and the work site, if such a burden accumulates, there is an abnormality in the body and the fear of affecting health increases. "Chair with no chair" was named "Chairless Chair"Is an instrument aimed at reducing the burden on the legs and can take reasonable posture such as" air chair "which is normally burdened on the body.

Chairless Chair, an invisible chair that you can can wear - CNN.com

The use image of Chairless Chair looks like this. It is made to support middle posture that may be taken in the factory work etc. A bar-like frame part connected to the bottom of the shoe bends along the foot, extending to the butt part and supporting the weight.

When wearing on the body, it is a pattern designed to be fixed with a belt or Velcro-like strap. When wearing a belt around several feet and waist like this ......

A mechanism that does not put a burden on your legs even in a halfway position. The frame is equipped with a damper-like mechanism so that it can be fixed at all angles.

As shown in the figure below, it is attached to the back side of the foot, and usually changes the angle together with the movement of the foot so it will not interfere with movement. When you need support, the angle is fixed by pressing the button on the main body.

Fixing of the angle is the one using the battery built in the main body as the power supply. It is possible to drive for 24 hours using 6 volt batteries. In addition to being able to fix at various angles, in the future it will be possible to use the direction to support movement using the motor by sensing the movement of the foot.

Since it does not disturb the movement of the foot when the switch is turned off, it will not get in the way even when going up and down stairs like this way.

It seems to be useful even in a crowded train car.

It is based in Zurich, Switzerland that is developing Chairless ChairNooneeA company. A 29-year-old CEO, Mr. Keith Gnula, who worked in a packaging factory when he lived in the UK, said that he came up with the idea of ​​Chairless Chair while working there.

In many cases, there is no mechanism to support it although despite being forced to take an unreasonable attitude in work inside the factory. As a result, fatigue builds up in the muscles without knowing, which in turn causes a decline in thinking ability and the risk of accident increases. In addition, while continuing to bear the burden impossible, it may lead to musculoskeletal disorders, which may have serious health consequences.

It is the role of Chairless Chair to reduce the burden on such a body. The number of companies interested in this product is also increasing, from September the pilot operation will begin at the factory of German automaker BMW, and also in Audi in Germany will be tested within the year.

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