A crane car is launched to bury a 330 kg man

It seems there was a case where a crane car was dispatched to burial 330 kg of men who died in the UK.

Also, in addition to being too big, a customized coffin was prepared and manpower that was impossible in normal was required.

Details are as below.
Funeral directors forced to use mechanical digger to lower 52-stone man into giant grave | the Daily Mail

According to this article, Christian Jeffrey, a 29 - year - old man who died in the UK seems to have died in Britain.

Because he was 330 kg in size, a customized coffin with width of 1.4 m × height of 2.1 m corresponding to twice the normal size was prepared, but six people to dig a hole of the size into which the coffin is entered into the graveyard It took me five days.

Also, because the body was too big to be cremated, the body was buried because it was not able to be buried, but since it was difficult to put the coffin into the hole with human power when burying in the cemetery, the crane was activated and 5 hours It is said that it buried with an instrument.

Where this is buried.

Apparently when you are overweight you seem to be in trouble even though you died.

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