Tracking the culprit who stole a 200 ton iron bridge overnight

Russian police are tracking the culprit who stole a metal bridge with a weight of 200 tons overnight. The stolen bridge is the only way to go to a cleaning factory located in Khabarovsk in Eastern Russia, and it seems that the factory officials are now in a state to find another way.

Details are as below.Russian police hunt for thieves who stole a 200-tonne metal bridge the Daily Mail

Pictures after the bridge has been stolen. Currently it is not possible to pass because there is a river.

Thieves were dismantled in the middle of the night when no one was around, stealing bridges without being found by anyone. In the morning local staff arrived at the crime scene, it seems he noticed that the bridge has disappeared for the first time.

The president who operates the factory stated that expenses to steal overnight might be about 10 times higher than the price to sell the bridge as scraps, and it is said that it is about to rework a reinforced concrete bridge instead of iron An estimate of 4,300,000 yen is issued.

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