If you are renovating your house, you will find ten human bones from the bottom of the dining room

When I was doing expansion work to make a room in the basement of my house, it seems that the human bones of ten people came out from the bottom of the dining room. That alone is a considerable horror, but the woman who was the owner of the house said it would need about 6.5 million yen to move the bodies and settle them.

Some bones are in a coffin, and it is estimated that about 40 bodies will be found in the cemetery in the past.

Details are as below.Home extension horror as mum discovers ten skeletons buried under her dining room - and faces a £ 30k bill to move them the Daily Mail

A supplier asked to renovate a house in Hertfordshire State pulled out thinking that the human bone found in the basement is an old pipe. Once I knew it was a bone, looking around the ground again, it seems that a lot of bones were buried. A call was made to the police and emergency lines were set up for the court investigation at home.

Discovered skull.

Catherine McGuigan is planning the expansion of the house, so he seems to have budgeted so that it will be fine in any situation, but he was not prepared to discover the human bones. However, it turns out that bones are more than 100 years ago, and they seem to be relieved that there is no involvement by the police.

McGuigan, who has lived in the same house for 11 years as "It seems that he has gone out of a horror movie," says.

In the study at the local library, it turned out that McGuigan 's house was built on the Quakers' chapel. Because it was not a state religion, he could not buried the body in the graveyard of the church, and he was seen to have been buried in the garden instead.

The local parliament did not ask Mr. McGuigan for responsibility for not having a body exploration license because it was a burial place not left in the record, but I wanted "to show respect" to the corpse. Mr. McGuigan said that he decided to cremate the corpses together because the Ministry of Justice warned that keeping the corpus remains an insult.

The cost of processing the corpse is about 160,000 yen per one body. If 40 bodies were discovered it would cost about 6.5 million yen.

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