Granny who wrote letters to 9 million yen crossword puzzle, get strict attention from police

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A crossword puzzle saying that the German museum has a value of about 9 million yen is on display, but there is an accident that the old woman who visited sightseeing writes the character with a ballpoint pen.

Rentnerin füllt Kreuzworträtsel-Kunstwerk im Museum aus - Bayern - Sü

91-year-old woman fills in crossword at museum - only to discover it was a £ 60,000 artwork

Woman fills in crossword at museum only to discover it is a £ 67k artwork | News | Culture | The Independent

The problem crossword puzzle is in Nuremberg, GermanyGerman National MuseumIt is a work called "Reading-work-piece" that is on display at the German artist ·Arthur KøpckeWhat Mr. produced in 1977. Reading-work-piece looks like a crossword puzzle at the first glance in which the trout is not buried. According to the museum, it seems that the individual collector who originally had Reading-work-piece donated to the museum, and it is worth 80 thousand euros (about 9.33 million yen).

Next to the crossword puzzle, the sentence "Insert words." Is written as part of the work, but the 91-year old grandmother who visited the museum read this sentence in the face I received it on the street and filled the hole of the crossword puzzle with letters. In response to the police interview, the old woman asked, "I just wrote letters according to the instructions written next to the work, and if the museum side wanted to ignore the instructions of the artist It should be clearly stated. "

The museum director E Eva Kraus says that the letters written by the grandmother is relatively easy to repair. Even though it is simple, it will cost hundreds of euros (tens of thousands of yen) for repair work, but the museum said that the cost will be borne by the museum. Mr. Klaus said, "We are aware of the fact that the grandmother did not intend to hurt the exhibits, but we were not able to not criminalize the grandmother as a position of the national museum, In connection with insurance, we also required reporting to the police, I am going to tell the grandmother that the original owner of the work is not losing the mood on this occasion. "

In the museum, after the restoration of the work it is planned to put a note on the exhibition place saying "Do not fill the crossword hole".

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