Mafia selling counterfeit Ferrari online is arrested

Ferrari 's emblem is attached to the car in the image above, but this is a fake made by gathering parts together. Mafia, who sold this fake Ferrari and earned a lot of sales, was arrested.

Details are as below.Would you mistake this for the real thing Italian police bust multi-million pound Mafia-run fake Ferrari racket the Daily Mail

When arrested Mafia seems to be ready to sell over 40 Ferraris on the Internet. Fake cars were made from parts removed from stolen cars, etc. There were major production lines in Agrigento and Palermo, home to the mafia base.

The top is real and the bottom is a fake Ferrari.

It is based on second-hand American-made Pontiac and it is possible to tell the police that "It is very well done". It is made at a cost of about 470,000 yen, it seems that it was sold about 300 to 8 million. The buyer was mainly a businessman or an entrepreneur, he said that he was bought while fully knowing because he could not afford to purchase the real thing.

Interior is like this. The top is a fake and the bottom is real.

There seems to be no function or safety enough to buy it as an imposter, but is it strong enough to overcome it as longing for a sports car?

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