Apple products and PSPs seized a large amount of fake seals, the market estimated price is more than 800 million yen

Apple's "iPod" series and Sony's "PSP" and other fake monsters were confiscated in the United States.

Fake stocks are stored in a full warehouse, and the market estimate price is said to be over 800 million yen.

Details are as below.
Police Seize $ 10 Million in Fake iPhones, iPods | Cult of Mac

According to this article, it seems that the port police in Los Angeles, California, USA seized a fake product such as an Apple product stored in the warehouse. Police believe that these products were shipped from China, he said they arrested two brothers who had been selling.

Part of the product seized. There are lots of things like iPod nano and iPod Classic fake products and things like PSP.

The market estimate price of the fake stock in the warehouse is estimated to be 10 million dollars (about 823 million yen), and the crime group seems to have earned profits of more than 7 million dollars (about 576 million yen) It is clarified by the police investigation that it can be done.

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