Fake Apple accessories equivalent to about 100 million yen in Korea will be seized

by Medhat Dawoud

For brand-name manufacturers like Apple, fake products are not only troubling the brand's confidence but also a direct cause of lower sales. Meanwhile, Korean police seized about 100 million yen fake Apple accessories from the vendor, and it is reported that Apple representatives are planning to visit South Korea to show gratitude soon.

Apple thanks Korean police for seizing fake accessories

Apple thanks Korean police for seizing $ 900,000 of counterfeit accessories

Even if it looks like the real thing, fake smartphone accessories can cause fire, which is dangerous to use. For Apple and other manufacturers, dealing with fake smartphone accessories by deceiving consumers or selling them at cheap prices is a big problem.

But for traders such fake smartphone accessories bring great benefits. In February 2018, the Chinese were convicted for distributing fake Apple products , but it is said that the culprit was taking over 1.1 million dollars (about 118 million yen) or more . Also in 2017 a warehouse was found in London where fake Apple products equivalent to $ 1.69 million (approximately 182 million yen) were kept.

According to The Korea Herald , Donald Shruhan, senior director of Apple's Asia-Pacific region operations, visited Bucheon, Korea on Friday, January 11, 2019, asked police stations in Seng-gu to buy Apple products It is planned to show gratitude for the investigation and arrest of the trader who sold fake charging cable and earphone which went through. It seems that the dealer was trying to distribute 1 billion won (about 96 million yen) fake Apple product.

The dealer imports fake Apple products from China, and the police investigate the import route of the dealer in detail even after the arrest. At the time of writing the article, this supplier is continuing to investigate infringement of trademark rights.

In the past, Mr. Shruhan was a person who worked for Pfizer of a pharmaceutical company and had a background of locating Viagra counterfeit products. Forgery and fraud concerning Apple products are not limited to direct things. Apple has been told that in the past five years it has also fought with warranty repair of Apple products and associated fraud .

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