90% of the USB power adapter sold at Amazon as "Apple genuine" is fake

ByAlan Levine

USB accessories for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple accessories such as Lightning - USB cable are not "you can not buy it unless you go to the Apple Store", you can easily purchase genuine items on Amazon online giant Amazon It is possible. However, according to Apple, 90% is a fake, and finally the agent who sold the counterfeit adapter "real" was sold.

Apple Sues Mobile Star for Selling Counterfeit Power Adapters and Charging Cables through Amazon - Patently Apple

Apple Says Most of Its 'Genuine' Chargers on Amazon Are Fakes

Apple sued Apple 's mobile power adapter called "Apple genuine" on Amazon.com and sold it after displaying Apple's banner. The content of the complaint is "trademark infringement".

At some point in 2016, there were more than 100 products sold at Amazon.com with the name "Apple", but nearly 90% of it was fake.

However, even if it is referred to as made by Apple, the contents are bad products made by Mobile Star, so in the review, "During the first day I bought, I burned in use" "The seller and Amazon treat such items I am horrified. "" I bought three for my family because it was cheap and a good evaluation. "Do not fuck such a mistake like this," something sad ....

According to the complaint, Apple is seeking 150,000 dollars (approximately 15.5 million yen) for reprimand of copyright infringement and 2 million dollars (about 207 million yen) as compensation for trademark infringement. Some of the applicable products have already been deleted from Amazon.com, but it is possible that the remaining inventory is still being sold. In addition, because there is a possibility that mobile star products are mixed in the item sold as "Apple genuine parallel imported goods" on Amazon.co.jp, they are thinking to purchase accessories for Apple products People, please check firmly with reviews etc. to see if it is really genuine.

In this regard, Mobile Star and Amazon are not responding to comment requests from Fortune magazine.

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