Galaxy Tab's "smart case" discontinues sale, closely resembles the iPad's smart cover

As an accessory for Samsung 's Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung announced the official opinion that a cover called "smart case" appeared that closely resembled the iPad' s smart cover.

Samsung Electronics did not certify Anymode's Galaxy Tab 10.1 'Smart Case' | SAMSUNG TOMORROW Global

According to Smasung's official page, the company is giving a "Designed for Samsung Mobile" mark indicating that when a partner company provides accessories for Samsung products, it is an officially certified product.

And Samsung did not grant the same "smart case", which closely resembles the iPad's smart cover, released by Samsung's official partner's accessory maker Anymode for the Galaxy Tab.

In addition, it said that the mark "Designed for Samsung Mobile" was posted on the sales page of Smart Case is the fault of Anymode side, it was also removed from the online shop operated by Anymode and commented that it was not sold It is.

This is the smart case that became a problem this time. It closely resembles a smart cover too, and even if it is told that there is a problem it has no way to have it.

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